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Who ordered lay investiture stoppped?
Pope Gregory VII
who said only rcc officials should appoint rcc officials?
Pope Gregory VII
Who was excommunicated by the pope Gregory VII?
Henry IV
The Turks, who were ______ took control of the holy land and began persecuting C_______, ____ who visited the area
muslim, christians and jews
The Pope urged European Christians to form an army and ______________________, the efforst known later as the _________
overthrow the Muslims, the efforts known later as the crusades
Why did people jion the crusades?
1. Religious reasons
2. Adventure
3. Merchants wanted new markets and new products
4. serfs could gain freedom by fighting
5. Nobles hoped to gain land
Some people sincerely wanted to free the holy land from _____ control
First Crusade-who won?
crusaders won
Jerusalem was taken away from the ________ (along with every other part ofthe Holy land)
Second Crusade
Musims began to recapture parts of the Holy Land-crusaders were defeated
Third crusade-also known as
the crusade of the three kings
crusaders failed to retake jerusalem during the ____ crusade, however a ____ was made
third, truce
the truce stated that ____ christians were allowed to visit the holy land
what king was captured during his return from what crusade?
richard from england, third
____,____,____ were three tribes that settled in present day ________
Angles, Saxons and Jutes, present day Britain
Britain later became known as _________ or ________
Angleland or England
The term "_________-_______" is used for descendants from all three of these tribes
Anglo-Saxon king
Alfred the Great
United the Angles, Saxons and Jutes
Alfred the Great
English nobles in 1215 forced _____- to sign Magna Carta-name 3 things he had to promise
1. no taxation without representation
2. to provide jury trila
3. that even kings had to follow laws
first had little power-became and still is the lawmaking body of England
Later divided into two parts-
house of commons, house of nobles
Made up mainly of present-day
germany, Holy Roman empire
THe Holdy roman empire also included
present day Austria, switzerland and other areas
most HRE emperors had little power because the HRE consisted of loosely connected
Appointment of important RCC officials by kings and emperors (laymen)
lay investiture
Defeated the Danes (a viking tribe that was trying to control England
Alfred the Great
________ was and still is an area in Northern France that had been settled by the Vikings (normans)
The king of England was his cousin
William of Normandy
After his cousin's death, William invaded England and defeated the _______-________ at the ________ ___ _______
Anglo-Saxons-at the Battle of Hastings
William of Normandy also was known as
William the Conqeror
Increased the power of the king by requiring all lords and vassals to swear loyalty directly to him
William of Normandy-William the Conqeror
Listed the people of England and their pssessions
Domesday Book
Sometimes written a'Beket
Thomas Becket
Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Becket
Titel for the highest RCC position in England
Had been appointed by King Henry II
Thomas Becket
Who appointed Thomas Becket archbishop
King Henry II
What two men had major disagreements?
Thomas becket and king henry II
Some of _______'s knights killed becket thinking they were doing the king a
Who executed teh knights that had killed Becket?
Henry-also said that he had not wanted becket killed
Becket was a
Many christians went on _________ to visit _____'s tomb
pilgrimages to visit becket's tomb
was out of England most of the time he was king
Richard the Lion-Hearted
Brother of richard
Cruel and unfair king
overtaxed the people
KING john
name for a civil war in England
war of the roses
two english families claimed the throne
war of the roses
name the two falimiles that claimed the throne
hosue of lancaster house of York
who won the war of the roses
hosue of lancaster