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What were Hitler's aims (foreign policy)?

1. To destroy ToV

By rearming, recovering lost land

2. To unite all German-speaking people

3. To create more lebensraum

4. To destroy communism

What is the mnemonic for the Road to WW2?

S aarland

C onscription

R hineland (remilitarisation)

A nschluss

M unich and Sudetenland

C zechoslovakia

U SSR/Nazi pact

P oland

Why is the Saar a cause of ww2?

1. Shows policy of aggression is a success

2. Hitler further encouraged to challenge Versailles restrictions

3. Use of democratic process gives legitimacy to hitlers actions

Why did conscription and rearmament cause ww2?

Hitler was encouraged by inaction from Britain

Why did the remilitarisation of the Rhineland lead to ww2?

1. Shows Hitler that his first military act was successful

2. Was the final opportunity to confront Hitler without going to war

3. Hitler was encouraged to challenge Versailles restrictions

Why did the Anschluss with Austria cause ww2?

1. Austrian army and resources were at Hitlers disposal

2. Germany possesses land on 3 sides of the Sudetenland - encourages him

3. The first time Chamberlain appeased Hitler - 'Austria too far away to help'

How does the Munic conference and Sudetenland lead to ww2?

1. Showed Hitler that Chamberlain could be bullied

2. Convinced Stalin (Russia) that Chamberlain would not stand up to Hitler in the future (leading to Nazi-Soviet pact)

3. It was the first time Hitler had taken land that was not removed under ToV

Why did the invasion of Czechoslovakia cause ww2?

1. Showed the end of appeasement

2. The first time Hitler annexed non-German speaking people

3. Causes Chamberlain to make Polish guarantee, acknowledging that appeasement has not worked - tries to put Hitler off of invading Poland

Why does the Nazi-Soviet pact cause ww2?

1. Pact lead directly to the invasion of Poland (secret agreement)

2. Russia's support encouraged Hitler to invade Poland

3. Ended Britain's hope to an alliance with Russia to stop Hitler

Why did the invasion of Poland lead to ww2?

1. Britain was forced to declare war on Germany because of the agreement with Poland

2. It became clear that Hitler wanted to conquer Europe

What were the 4 reasons for appeasement?

1. British people wanted peace

2. Hitler's complaints seemed reasonable at the time

3. Chamberlain wanted a strong Germany as a barrier to the expansion of Communist Russia

4. Britain's army was not ready for a war

Why did the invasion of Czech mark the end of appeasement?

3 points

1. Proved Hitler had been lying at Munich

2. Showed he was not just interested in a 'greater Germany' (Czechs weren't German)

3. Chamberlain gave speech saying he can't trust Hitler not to invade other countries so guaranteed to defend Poland

What were the 3 results of appeasement?

1. Czechoslovakia was weakened

2. Britain gained a year to build up armed forces

3. War morale of the British was improved as they realised everything had been done to avoid war

What were the 2 reasons for Stalin agreeing to the Nazi-Soviet pact?

1. Stalin needed time to rearm for when Hitler invaded Russia

2. Stalin would have to go to war if allied with Britain and France but with Hitler he could halve Poland without a war