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first person to write meaningful rock lyrics
Bob Dylan
Expanded the definition of Rock
White, British gospel singer
Joe Cocker
British, R&B group
Rolling Stones
Folk rock group w/a 12 string lead
founded Motown
Berry Gordy
singer who alternated between gospel and rock
Aretha Franklin
defined and refined heavy metal sound
Led Zeppelin
sang of decay in a carnival atmosphere
guitarist who mastered feedback
Jimi Hendrix
rock/blues singer who self destructed
Janis Joplin
when an issue divides a society into extreme camps, w/little middle ground
a question that does not require an answer, one that is posed to make you think
rhetorical question
the repeating part of a song
pertaining to anyone, anywhere, anytime
a pair of lines in poetry
a song that addresses a social issue
protest song
leader sings, chorus echoes
call and response
music that clashes w/itself
electronic echo
putting two pieces of electronical equipment too close together, causes a squeal
not wanting to get involved
to play a single string on the guitar
to play a single string on the guitar
background music to a song
play on words
What is Joe Cocker and the Beatles each trying to say about friends?
Joe Cocker says a friend is someone who provides spiritual support when you need it.

The Beatles say that a friend is someone to have fun with.
How did Bob Dylan and the Beatles influence each other?
Bob Dylan inspired the Beatles to write meaningful lyrics, and the Beatles inspired Bob to turn to rock music.
What are 5 Characteristics of 60's Rock?
1) Meaningful lyrics
2) Longer songs
3) Songs about social issues
4) Orchestral instruments
5) Dissonant
Why does Bob Dylan not care about how his voice sounds?
Bob Dylan disregards his voice because he wants to be remembered as a poet and he just wants the audience to hear his meaningful lyrics.
Two events during the beginning of 60's rock:
Bob Dylan began wrote meaningful lyrics and Beatles restored excitement
An event during the middle of 60's rock:
Woodstock- August 1969
Events during the end of 60's rock:
Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison all died from drug related causes.
What is Janis Joplin saying about freedom in "Me and Bobby McGee"?
She is saying that freedom is when you are in poverty and lose everyone and everything because everything in your possesion needs maitenance.
What are 6 issues that polarized America in the 60's?
1) Civil rights
2) Vietnam
3) Apperance (clothing)
4) Sexual Morality
5) Drugs
6) Music