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The musician who made 1940s recordings with Charlie Parker, pioneered cool jazz, and let a classical 1950s hard bop quintet was

Miles Davis

Clifford Brown play the


work song live Samba walk tall and Mercy Mercy Mercy were played by hard bop saxophonist

Cannonball Adderley

Important hardball pianist included red garland

Horace silver

The drummer in the classic Miles Davis Quintet of the 1950s was

Philly Joe Jones

The most prolific hardball composer was

Horace Silver

Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, and Herbie Hancock are examples of

A second generation of hard bop musicians

Miles Davis composition milestones guides musicians improvisation through


True or false funky jazz coexisted with hard bop in the 1950s


Which technique or quality is not associated with Miles Davis?

Emphasis on double timing

The album's steaming cooking and working were recorded by

Miles Davis

Cannonball Adderley was best known for playing the

Alto saxophone

True or false at the end of World War 2 big band swing music continues to grow and thrive


Charlie Parker a jazz giant like to listen to country music because of

Its story

Parker record of the controversial but critically acclaimed record with a

String band

One of the few singers who could really sing bebop jazz music was

Ella Fitzgerald

Take 5 one of the best selling jazz albums of all time was recorded by

Dave Brubeck

Thelonious Monk was a jazz giant highly requested as a

Pianist composer

One person who works hard for equal treatment for blacks and whites was

Norman grantz

True/false only Charlie Parker Miles Davis never had any problems with drugs


The Modern Jazz Quartet was formed and led by pianist

John Lewis

Like so many other famous musicians Charlie Parker died way too early at the age of