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Modern jazz pianist composer and bandleader his music presented in an alternative to bebop in the late 1940s was

Lennie Tristano

unusual for 1949 - 1950 jazz group was Miles Davis inclusion of a --- and a ---

French horn and tuba

which Big Ben leader refer to his music as progressive jazz

Stan Keaton

True or false Stan Kenton's bands featured smaller than usual brass sections.


The birth of cool band was organized by

Miles Davis

The alto saxophonist whose approach to typified cool jazz was

Lee Konitz

The bebop musician who had a special interest in Afro Cuban music was

Dizzy Gillespie

Which of the following fails to qualify as a cool musician

Charlie Parker

True or false the Gerry Mulligan quartet of 1952 1953 was unusual because it did not have a piano


The musical concept for birth of the cool band was inspired by the arranging style of

Gil Evans

Traffic school jazz 10 service offering easier than the beep off of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie


True/false JSBach was an influence on Lennie Tristano


True or false: Stan Kenton is best described as a pianist/ band leader


The two jazz giants who developed a new fast way of playing were

Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie

Just had a major influence in life of Charlie Parker true or false


In 1940 the queen of 52nd Street in New York City was

Billie Holiday

In 1943 -------band the word jazz


Jazz music became a symbol of democracy in a world threatened by

Tyranny and dictatorship

1 jazz musician who led an integrated band during World War Two was

Dave Brubeck

A2 year recording ban in 1942 was inactive because of

Musicians were not being paid for radio airplay