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As compared to jazz rock and funk music typically have

All of the above

true or false new age music does not have a permanent swing feeling


Fusion embraced the

Drum patterns of R & B

Which one of the following players was not involved in fusion?

Cecil Taylor

Chick Corea's fusion band was called

Return to Forever

John McLaughlin's most famous band was called the

Mahavishnu orchestra

Wayne Shorter one of the founders of the fusion band weather report played the


True or false jazz rock fusion recordings have sold better than jazz recordings.


True or false in jazz rock fusion acoustic string bass is replaced by electric bass guitar


That's compared to jazz rock and folk music typically have less complexity of melody and harmony


In the 1960s it was hard to find work as a jazz musician due to

Rock music and television

Charles Mingus played the


The bossa Nova style music was led by Charlie Byrd and saxophonist

Stan getz

A love supreme album was recorded by

John Coltrane

Miles Davis was motivated to add electronic instruments to his band when he heard

Sly and Family Stone

Louis Armstrong isolated himself from the common people and lived in a mansion in Queens New York


In the mid 1970s jazz music accounted for--- of gross record sales


The tenor saxophonist is to return to the US to standing ovations in 1976 was

Dexter Gordon

Wynton Marsalis the jazz musician who narrates history of jazz DVD plays the


Whom of the following would generally be considered the least major figure in the development of Jazz

Cannonball adderley

One set of influences upon new age music was

Philip glass and Steve reich