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5th January 1066
Edward the Confessor Died.
6th January 1066
Harold was Crowned King of England.
24th April 1066
Halley's Comet was seen in the sky.
July 1066
Winds prevented William from Invading.
August 1066
The ships settled in River Dives
8th September 1066
Hardraada's army invaded North in York so Harold marched his army there.
12th September 1066
William was able to sail again, he was on his way.
25th September 1066
Hardraada's army was defeted by Harold.
28th September 1066
William arrives in England, then builds a motte-and-bailey castle in Hastings.
1st October 1066
Harold hears about William's invasion so he marches South.
13th October 1066
Harolds Army arrives in Hastings
14th October 1066
The battle of Hastings.
25th December 1066
William, Duke of Normandy, Is Crowned King of England.