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How did most of the people of the middle ages spend their time?
they worked as farmers.
What outdoor sports did the nobles enjoy?
tournaments which consisted of jousting, sword fighting. they also enjoyed hunting.
What indoor activities did the nobles enjy?
the enjoyed games like backgammon and chess, sometimes clown like jesters would entertain, minstrels sang and played music for enjoyment.
How were serfs almost like slaves?
they could not leave the land without consent from their lord and the worked all day for someone elses well being.
What was the main occupation of the nobles?
the cheif occupation was fighting.
where did magyars come from? What name did they earn?
they came from the east. scourge of europe.
where did moors come from?
what sea did they control?
they came from North Africa.
mediterranean sea
what does the name charlemagne mean?
charles the great
by what other names was chalemagne called by?
charles augustus
whta important event happened on christmas day in 800 ad in rome?
charlemagne was crowned emporer of the romans
what were serfs home like?
they had a little house withjust enough land for a small garden and a few barnyard animals
describe the training of a knight?
the frist stage oftraining was being a page: a household servant in the service of the lord.he aslo learbed how to hunt and uphold the ideals of chivalry. the second stage was being a squire: a personal servant to his lord or to another knight in the lords service. as a squire his education in war began. the third stage is becoming a knight which usually happened around the age of 21.
Describe the ceremony by which a squire became a knight?
to begin the ceremony the knight placed his armor on the altar of a parish church, confessed his sins to the priest, and then spent the night in prayer. In the morning he took a bath to symbolize his purity or worthinessand put on special clothes for the ceremony. at the knighting, the priest preformed a mass and blessed the squires sword, and the squire swore alligance to the church, his lord, and the code of chivalry. to conclude the ceremony, he knelt before the lord who, tapping the squires shoulder with a sword, pronounced him a knight.
Describe the castles of the middle ages?
castles were first made out of wood but son came to be stone the had a lrage moat around them anda drwbridge for entrance the rooms were dark and gloomy and the only heat came from a large frieplace.
describe the norsemen? where were they from?
they were from the north. blond-haired blue eyed barbarians
name one of the most important viking settlements?
What was the purpose of the coat of arms?
to distinguish a freind from a foe in battle.for idenification purposes.