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Passed in 1978
National Energy Act
Created in 1977
Department of Energy
In March 1979 at nuclear reactor failed almost causing a catastrophic meltdown in Pennsylvania.
Three Mile Island Accident
To curb in flation P. Carter..
Called for voluntary wage and price controls, along with cuts in federal spending.
Most evident in human rights.
Supported the universal right to freedom from torture and unlawful detention.
Carter's approach to foreign affairs.
Pushed by Carter to grant Panama control by 2000.

Criticized by Reagan.

Ratified in 1978.
Panama Canal Treaties
White minority ruled and the black majority had few rights
Soviets station troops in Afghanistan in striking distance of major oil routes.
December 1970
Carter cuts of all grain sales to Soviet Union and boycotts 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow.
Results to December 1970
Egyptain President who signed the Camp David Accord
Anwar Sadat
Israeli Prime Minister whop signed the Camp David Accords.
Menachem Begin
Agreement to peace in the middle-east.
Signed in September 1978
Camp David Accords
Required states and communities with a large number of non-English-speaking residents to print voting materials in various foreign languages.
Voting Rights Act of 1975
Increased funding for public schools to provide instructions to students in their primary languages while they learned English.
Bilingual Education Act of 1974
Primarily Texas, Florida, and California. Attracted millions b/c of greater job oppurtunities, warmer climate, suburban lifestyle, improved technology(A.C)
Sunbelt States
Became more common b/c it was more common to obtain in most states. 5.2 per every 1,000 Americans in 1980.
Divorce Rate
Written by Tom Wolfe; characterizing that Americans had become selfish and self-absorbed.
"Me Decade"
Wrote "The Complete book of running" and sold 620,000
Jim Fixx
Spielberg's 1st major motion picture. Had little success in the box office
Sugarland Express
Spielberg won an amateur contest as a teenager for...
Escape to Nowhere
Apollo 11 land on the moon
July 20, 1969
1st men to land on the moon
Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
First U.S. space station and placed in orbit in 1973. Three space teams visited in one year. 1st to use smoke detectors.
College dropouts who invented the PC(personal computer).
Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak