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What is Manifest Destiny?
The Beilf that americans needed all the land from "sea to shining sea"
What is a conastoga wagon and what was it used for?
it was a a wagon that was made for a possible journey to the west. It had a canvas top, large rear wheels, and a DEEP storage area
What were mormons and where did they live?
They were a group of Americans who were prosecuted for their religion
and 1847 moved to the west mostly in Salt Lake City.
What were the 3 main trails west?
They were the Oregan trail, the California Trail which branches off of the Oregan Trail, and the Overland Trail which is the sourthern route to CA.
In what year, why and how did america get texas?
In 1845 we got TX because of mainfest destiny and it was another slave state. We got it by annexation.
In what year how and why did America get oregan?
In 1846 we got OR because of Mainifest destiny and fertile far land. We got it by arbitration.
In what year why and how did we get the mexican cession?
in 1848 we got the Mexican Cessian because of Manifest Destiny and Pacific Ocean. We got it by War.
What was the name of Texas from 1836-1845 before in came into the Union?
Lone Star Republic
What did the Treaty of guadalupe Hidalgo end?
the Mexican War
What did the U.S. get from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
-The Mexican Cessian
-Rio Grande River as the Boundray between U.S. and Mexico
-U.S. paid Mexico $15 million
for the land in order to soothe their conscience
What was the Gadsden Purchase?what year?
In 1853 the U.S. purchased a small piece of land from mexico a little south of the Gidalgo river for $10 million
since it was flat, it could be used for a railroad to CA.
What was the name of CA before in came into the union?
Lone Bear Republic
What was the Gold Rush and when did it take place?
it was when gold was found in san fransico and everyone from everywhere went to try to "strike it rich"
What were the 3 routes to the west?
1.) Alantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean-San Fransico by way of south america
2.)Across Panama
3.)Wagon train across U.S.-OE
Trail then CA trail.
What were the pros and cons to each of these routes?
A.O. P.O-- + less danger
-to slow

Across Panama-- + fast
-disease robbers, and jungle

Wagon train-- + safest
- Indain attack, caught in snow, money
What was the Compromise of 1850?
Since CA would be free and it upset the balence, they made this law to try to be fair to the southerns
What did the Compromise of 1850 Provide?
-CA come into union as a free state
-the rest of the territory of the Mexican Cession could be deciced on slave or free(voeters decide (cancled MO compromise)
-no slaves allowed in D.C.
- the Fugative Slave law
What was the Fugative Slave law?
This was the most hated law or the Fugative Slave Act by the north. It made Americans responsible for recapturing escaped slaves.