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definition of an assembly line
A series of workers and machines in a factory creating identical items
What is the Marshall plan?
an american aid to help Europe , u.s.a gave 13$ billion in economic support after world war II
what is the containment policy
the policy to stop the spread of communism
who was James watt?
created the first steam engine
what is the resource curse?
when a countryu focuses all of its energy on a single industry
what is NATO?
a intergovermental military communism alliance based on the north Atlantic treaty signed on April 14,1949
what are the 14 points
a program for world peace
Treaty of Versailles
peace treaty after world war I to end the war between Germany and thee allied powers
what is unrestricted submarine warfare
where submarines sink vessels without warining
what is liberalism
a political philosophy that people should be free
who took over Iran qwfter the Pahlavi shah fled?
Ayatolah khomeini
what country was the first to industrialize?
what country experience a civil war over ethnicity & oil