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"The voice"

Barbra Jordan

1st black female elected to US house of representatives

apart of the Nixon-watergate trial

"Lottery" Draft system

men between 18-36 normally chosen

366 balls with a number

if your birthday# was selected you were possibly up for the next draft 1st (1/3) (2/3) were safe for rest of the year

lots of ways around being drafted

Max Yasgur

600 acres of dairy farm

allows Woodstock to be on his property

Gulf of Tonkin Resolutions

Gave power to LBJ to use conventional military in SE asia without formal declaration of war from congress

Used to put more US involvement in s.vietnam

Search And Destroy

unknown exact location of hiding enemy

patrols locate then alert the rest who send in

helicopters to bomb them

Extra terrestrial Exposure Law

after returning from space, astronauts must be quarantined and can not touch anyoneor anything for 3 weeks

possible threat of bringing something bad

Betty Friedan

Women's rights leader

wrote "feminine mystique"-women don't want to be house wives

NOW- national organization for women 1966


work discrimination

provide childcare for working women

fund legal assaults- let more women work in public places

Cesar Chavez

Hispanic American- worked in agriculture

founded National Farm Workers Union

"stoop&pick" union - coined from picking cotton

Led the grape boycott Cali 1968

17 mil stopped buying grapes

workers wanted higher wages

1970- mexican workers got higher wages

Pentagon Papers

Daniel Ellsberg worked for govt during LBJ

took documents about vietnam

tries to expose LBJ's real plans

Nixon tries to prevent this

TET offensive

1968 70k N.vietcong

surprise attack on more than 100 cities s.viet

39/44 providence capitals hit

US tries holding them off but north wins

Malcom X

started "african American" phrase

rejected interrogation

seeked biracial solutions to social change

he was black muslim

assassinated by Thomas Hagan 1965

"preached" racism and violence but in a dif way

Roe v. Wade

Make abortion legal 3months or less into pregnancy


it was previously illegal


american indian movement

Pine ridge s.Dakota 1890- violence between indians and white at wounded knee river

1973- they take over the reservation, kicking out federal government

army surrounds pine ridge

battles and standoffs btw indians and US

An actor from Godfather sends up an indian girl to receive his academy award to protest and prove a point


committee to re-elect the president

James McCord- one of watergate burglars

Gerald Ford


next press after Nixon resigns

bad mouths and pardons Nixon, US not forgiving of this

runs against jimmy carter 1976-loses

vetos 39 bills in first 48 months

his congress is majority democrates

Carter and Gas

middle eastern countries not on good terms

arabian nations increase oil 400%

large impact; prices of everything else must rise too

Gasstastrophy: gas rationing

only get gas on certain days according to license plate number

Us is not longer a main exporter of oil, must import

Carter and Conservation

wants to lead by example

control thermostats in govt places

68 lowest 75 highest

encourages carpooling and driving less

inflation rates go up

installs solar panels on roof of white house for energy usage

removed later on

Camp David Accords 1978

Carter had a nice little place: Camp David

invited Sadat(egypt) and Begin (israel)

agreement between E and I was formed

similar to peace treaty


equal rights amendment

Alice Paul- pushed for equal rights in 20's she's back again in the 60's

both houses of congress pass it

takes 7 years to get ratified

carried out from Nixon to Reagns presidency

Iran Hostage Crisis

63 americans at Us embassy in Iran are held hostage by 300 students

they want the previous dying shah (who is being nurtured over in america bc he has cancer and we have an agreement) to come back and face his trials of the people

444 days only 52 still remain

they are not released until the inauguration day of President Reagan (slap in the face to Carter)

Carter had a failed mission that clouds his re-election

Phyillis Schafly

key person to derail ERA (against)

believes it will

-repeal alimony

-lose gender roles

-lose child custody

-put women in front line duties during war

ERA never approved, lacked 3 states

Oliver north


wants to stop communism

national security advisor

fund and support contras in nicaragua

creates a secret and illegal fund operation

fall of communism

thanks to reagan

berlin wall falls nov 1989

star wars

arms race between us and soviets for space technology

reagan and gorbachev meet and negotiate

nuclear missiles eliminated

strategic defense initaitive

missles in space incase of attack

us and russia

Iran contra affair

central america

nicaragua communists want to take over el salvador

US funds contras (anti communists in nicaragua)

secret illegal operation to sell guns to iran for money

becomes a scandal oliver north convicted 3 counts

Apollo mission

explosions on launching pad kills 3 astronauts

next 5 missions remain unmanned

apollo 8 first time circling the moon


economic policies

cutting taxes keeps $ in peoples pockets

stimulate economy

stimulates business growth

lower tax rate more taxes coming in

Laugh in

rowan and martins comedy series

similar to SNL

Reagans presidency

oldest pres

previously a movie star

gov of cali

attempted assassination by john hinkley jr

who wanted to impress jodie foster

economic recovery act

from 70 t 50 % cut on personal income taxes

begin of economic recovery

more people go back to work

regans legacy

better economy

more debt

reduce nuclear threat

kept social programs

help bankrupt USSR

national confidence boosts

Title IX (9)

eliminate sex discrimination in schools

if schools did not offer sports for women they would not get federal funding

womens gradute admissions rates quadrupled

Kent state

protesting on ohio campus

4 killed

anti war protests

1968 summer olympics

tommy smith john carlos

1st and 2nd place winners for track and field hold up black power symbol while on podium

blue marble

first picture of earth from space

most reproduced picture ever

earth is fragile and not indestructable

crosby stills nash and young

70s rock band

students for a democratic society

student activist movement

democratic nominating convention-mass chaos and violence

leder tom hayden

LBJ and vietnam

cold war culture- spies, communism

puts troops in vietnam

tv broadcasts dont filter anything

not getting closer to peace

continue kennedy program without dramatically escalating war

Vietnam and Nixon

wants to end war

tactics increase protests

train s vietnamese so don't need us soldiers(vietnamization)

more large scale coming less search and destroy

Fall of s vietnam

disengage from war

still support but not send anymore of our troops

Hector garica

mexican american war vet and doctor

treated patients free of charge in three rivers

helps mexican americans gain rights and be voted