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Mesopotamia means

land between rivers

Sumerian Civilization

consisted of about a dozen city-states

Polytheism is

belief in many gods

Cuneiform is

the earliest type of writesing

Ziggurats are

temple towers

Who created the first known empire?


What was the name of the first know empire?


What are some Sumerian Contributions?

The Wheel, The 360 circle, and the 60 minutes and hours

Amorite Civilization was called?

old babylonian

What important thing did Hammurahi do?

he united the land of mesopotamia

What is The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Universal Flood?

A Babylonian story that is alot like the story of the flood

What are some Amorite Accomplishments?

trade is gold, silver, tin, and textiles, Algebra and Geometry, and contributions to the field of astronomy.

What is Astrology?

the method of interpretating human events by the stars.

What did one Greek historian call Egypt?

gift of the river

What are Cataracts?


Who were the people of egypt descended from?

Mizraim the son of Ham

What did Menes do?

United the 2 lands of upper and lower Egypt

Why year was the old Kingdom around? and what was it called?

2700-2200 BC, The age of the Pharaohs

What did Khufu do?

Built the great pyramid

What time was the Middle Kingdom around? and what was it called?

2040-1783 BC, The Age of the People

What time was the New Kingdom around? and what was it called?

1570-1075 BC, The Age of the Empire

What was important about Hatshepsut?

She was a woman

Thutmose III

greatest warrior king, `Napolean of Egypt`, Also was the pharaoh who refused to let the people go

Who was the last great ruler?

Rameses II