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How did the church of rome come to be so respected?
It was the most important city in the roman empire.
Where was the first christian church located?
Who was the true head of the church?
What does chuech mean?
Assembly or body of people.
What was the decision of the meeting, and how was it communicated?
They did not have to practice all the jewish laws of the old testemant. By mail
Who called the Council of Nicaea to discuss the controversy of Arianism? What was the result of the council?
Constantine. Affirmed Christs divintiy
Where did the church leaders meat to discuss the problem fo Gentile believers and the Jewish law?
What were thrree names for early church leaders, and what do these names mean?
Deacons- Greek word meaning servant.
Elders- The greek word meaning Priest
Bishops- The Greek word meaning overseer or superintendent.
What theory states that the bishop of Rome is peter's succesr as the head of the church?
Apostolic succesion
Who remained the head of the church in the Eastern Roman Empire?
The Emperor
Which church leaders became the rulers of the churches?
Where did early christians usually meet?
In homes
What did the bishops of Rome come to be called?
What were services in the Roman Church called?
Would Peterhave agreed with this theory? MOM CHECK
Who said that popes are superior to all human rulers in matters relating to God?
When did the middle ages begin?
500 A.D.
What Pope was first recognized as the supreme ruker of the church? Which emperor recognized him?
Pope Leo the third. Valentinian the third.
What name did the Roman church give to the Lords Supper?
What word means "Sacred Act"? What sacred acts did christ ordain? MOM CHECK
Sacrament. The lords supper