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Machines replace humans in production

1960 election

Nixon against JFK, JFK won. And had a good public image due to t.v. to many families

Bay of pigs

Invasion of cuba due to cuba being close in location to us and not wanting communism to spread. We were in disguise

Cuban missle crisis

Between u.s. and s.u. where s.u. agreed to remove missles from cuba but they pointed them at us

JFK in whitehouse

Jfk had a great image in the public eye due to t.v. and his young age and family

New frontier

Jfks domestic idea. Ex. Space development, raise min. Wage, fight war on poverty

Tragedy in dallas

Lee harvey oswald shot jfk in dallas


Set up war on commissions, fight poverty, civil rights, began medicare, and medicade creating his "great society"

The great society

Lbjs program to improve u.s. society

Civil rights act of 1964

Law banning racial discrimination

Affirmation action

Giving preferences to women and ethnic minorties

Womens rights

Equal pay and couldn't distcriminate at jobs

Equal rigjts amendment

Guarenteed womans rights by outlawing discrimination based on gender


Rock concert that marked the high point of the counterculture era

Vietnam war

Part of our containment and wantimg to stop the spread of communism

Kent state shooting

National guard fires at students during an antiwar protest

Richard Nixon

Ordered bomb on Cambodia

Gerald ford

President after Nixon, didnt get aling w congress

The energy crisis

Opeck raosed proces of oil since gas was limited


Nixon authorized the coverup of a break at the domestic national committee

Jimmy carter

Faced another energy crisis in 79 and. Dropped speed limit

Iran hostage crisis

53 americans wwre taken hostage at the u.s. embassy in tehran and lasted 44 days