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Nicholas Biddle
President of the B.U.S. (bsnk of the United states. Common people believed he was corrupt due to him offering lower rates of interest to congressman. tried to save the bank by calling for immediate repayment of all loans. thought this would make citizens into agreeing to a new charter. lead to the end of B.U.S.
John Tyler
Harrison v-p,sucessor oposed whig program for economic recovery. "his Accidency"
Relocation of cherokee
Indian Removal act fed gov't provided funds to negoiate treaties which forced native americans to move west. the cherokee fought back. most just began to accept it and this lead to trail of tears. many died on the way, had to settle on infertile land.
Spoils system
Jackson Administration practiced it. used their own friends instead of qualified offiacials. known as the kicthen cabinent.
henry clay
promoted the american system
cotton gin
eli whitney. made possible to grow more cotton for more of an profit "king cotton"
John Quincy
election in which no one won. clay had the choice on who would win picked the lesser of two evils. jacksonians believed Q sturck corrupt bargin. Q appointed clay sec. of state.
Nationalism + sectionalism
national- national be placed over regional
sec- regoinal over national
Nat turner
born into slave, thoguht he was chosen to lead people out of bondage. attacked 4 plant. and killed 60 whites. he was killed. this lead to the faer of more black revolts which lead to harsher rules and laws. and eventualy closed the debate on slavery.
Douglass F
conserv. north star
radica white aboilishnist
the liberator immediate emancipation
second great awakening
reform and revivals was a result.