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What are precedents?
A tradition.
What is the definition of cabinet?
A Group of advisers to the presedent.
National Debt?
The amound of money a national government owes to the other governements or its people.
What is the def. of bonds?
A Note issued by the government, which promises to pay off a loan with interest.
person who risks money in order to make a large profit
Tax on imports or exports to encourage people to buy american goods
not taking sides in conflict
forcing people into service
Implied powers?
powers not specifically mentioned in the constitution
an immagrent living in a country in which they are not a citizen
activities aimed at weakening an established government
to cancel or make ineffective
states rights?
rights and powers independent of the federal government that are reserved for the states by the constituion the believe that states rights supersede all rights and law
first department heads-
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
henry knox
edmund randolph
George washington was what?
the first president of the U.S!
John adams
first vice president and second president of the u.s
judiciary act of 1789
established the federal court system 13 district courts & 3 circuit courts
JoHn JaY
FiRsT Chief justice of the supreme court
bill of rights
the first ten amendments to the constitution passed to protect the peoples individual rights or liberty, and limit the power of government
washington dc
compromise on hamiltons play to pay the national debt resulted on the forming of the district of columbia and the building of a nations capital
whiskey rebellion
attack on tax collectors by a large group of civillians who were angered by the special tax on whiskey
battle of fallen timbers
battle between the shawnee indians and federal trooops over land in present day ohio
treaty of greenville
treaty between native americans and then united states that gave the land in ohio to the government
edmond genet
sent by the french to the united states in hopes of convining to the u.s to fight on the side of the french in their battle against britian
proclomation of neutrality
order issued by presentend washington that forbig americans from eight on either side of the war between from and britian and barred french and british shuips from entering u.s ports
jays treaty
treaty negotiated by john jay with britian said the british would withdraw from american soil and pay damages for all ships that had been taken it also allowed some trade with british colonies in the most importantly setltled debts from before 1776
pickneys treaty
treaty that between spain and the u.s negotiated by thomas pickey, it gave america the right to use the mississippi river and the freedom to trail new orleans
had long been associated with supporting the constitution but now is considered those that agree with or supposrt president washington
group who wanted to limit government power to protect the rights of people also had a very anti british idea
national gazette
paper published by phillip freneau to turn poblich against the governemtn
election of 1798
first time that candidates sought office as members of a political party, john adams (federalist) was elected president, and thomas jefferson (republican) was named vice president because he recieved the second number of votes
xyz affair
president adams in hopes of staying out of war with france sent a group of people to paris to discuss things with charles de and the french foreign minister. hthe u.s agents refused and the agents were labed X, Y, and Z
aliens and sedition act
acts passed by the u.s government to protect the people from immagrints to enter the country 2 cause problems