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1st commander of british troops during Revolutionary War.
General William Howe
hessian were there. Important victory because they let Washington keep army in the fields. Built a morale
hired soliders from germany hired by british government to come and fight in the colonist
french nobelman. Believed in freedom & resolution. G.W. best friend. Fought with Americans during Rev War
Marquis de Lafayette
turing point of American Revolutionary War
Battle of Saratoga
when George Washington & Howe brothers 1st came into conflict. George Washington was kicked out of NY
Battle for NY
people who supported Indenpendence
A hero in French & Indian War
George Washington
Commander of navel of british
Richard, Lord Howe
American Hero. Engages his army with John Burgoyne and wins at Saratoga.
Genereal Horatio Gates
prime minister of Great Britain. Signed the peace treaty
Marquis of Rockingham
Commander and chief of continental congress. From the south
George Washington
British general surrendered at Saratogo.
General John Burgoyne
people loyal to England
french admiral who commanded french fleat
Count de Grasse
british defeated in Yorktown. British general who surrendered in Yorktown
Lord Cornwallis
Winter camp for George Washington
Valley Forge
signed with England to end the war
Treaty of Paris of 1783