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Who was Sargon the Great?
Sargon was the king who conquered the Sumerian city-states and founded the Akkad Dynasty.
Who was Naramsin?
-Grandson of Sargon(the founder of Akkad)
-Became a living god which was an innovation.
What were the forms of state in Mesopotamia?
Started off as small city states and later became strong centralized states
Who is Gilgamesh?
5th King of Uruk in the Early dynastic period.
Who is Enkidu?
Companion of Gilgamesh.
Who is Ishtar?
-Goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex.
-Tempts Gilgamesh with sex and the sends the bull of heaven to attack him and Enkidu when he refuses
What is the Sumerian flood story?
jonah and the ark
List the order of the Dynasties in Mesopotamia
Early Dynastic Period
Ancient Akkad
Old Babylonia
Assyrian Empire
Who was the great king of Akkad?
Sargon the great
What does it mean when a king is called Lugal?
(Big Man) his role as warrior
What does it mean when a king is called Ensi?
(governor) his role as negotiator/judge
what is lugal?
the warrior term for king in the early dynastic period
what is Ensi?
the term for the king as the negotiator/judge in the early dynastic period
What dynasty had very elaborate record keeping?
What did the Babylonian Empire form out of?
Akkad and Sumer
What Empire was Hammurabi King of?
The Babylonian Empire
What time did the Babylonians want to live in?
The beginning of time
What two rivers were in Mesopotamia?
The Tigris and Euphrates
Who was Ashur the chief god of?
The Assyrians
What inventions helped the Assyrian army?
Siege towers and Iron weapons
What was interesting about what the kings of Assyria did with the empires capitol?
The moved it
What Dynasty was Assurnasirpal king of?
What happens in the Babylonian New Year Celebration?
-purification and prayers
-humiliation of the king
-king "takes the hand of marduk"
everything returns to order
What was the early script/writing of Mesopotamia called?
name two states in which kings approach divine status
Who had the first Imperial System in Mesopotamia?
the Assyrians