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Histamine H2 antagonists what are the actions
they inhibit the action of histamine therefore decreased secretion of gastric acid and decreased pepsin output therefore ulcerated areas can heal
Examples of Histamine H2 antagonists
Togamet, Pepcid, Axid, Pulvules, Zantec
What are the uses of Histamine H2 antagonists
tx of gastic/duodenal ulcers
hypersecretory conditions; manage GERD pts; Propylactic pts prone to stess ulcers (ie burn victims, car accident)
Upper GI bleeding
Adverse reactions of Histamine H2 antagonists
Dizziness, somnolence (sleepy) H/A, Confusion in elderly it can lead to psychosis)
Contraindications for use of Histamine H2 antagonists
Use caution with pts with renal/hepatic impariment; caution in geriatric due to possible confusion; pregnancy/lactation; lots of drug to drug interactions (i.e) antacids and Reglan decrease absorbtion
NSG responsibilities for Histamine H2 antagonists
Monitor for dizziness,drowsiness; geriatrics (sensitive) if ordered IV give slowly because it may cause cardiac arrhytmias; Axid pulvules give 1x per day at HS
Patient and family teaching for Histamine H2 antagonists
Keep MD informed on progress. take as directed, follow MD recomendations ie (limit foods and alcohol; IF drowsiness avoid driving; report sore throat rask fever belleding black tarry stool easy bruising and confusion; regular follow ups drugs may need 4-6 weeks or longer to work; Cimetidine effect is decreased if u smoke
Antidiarrheals what are the actions
decrease intestinal peristalsis ( diarrhea)
Name three antidiarrheals
Motomen, Lomotil, Imodium
Adverse reactions Antidiarrheals
motefen and lomotile Atropne is added to them to discourage abuse because the have euphoric effect; anorexia, n/v, constipation, rash, dizziness, sedative effect
Contraindications of Antidiarrheals
do not use in pts less than 2 years old; those associate with GI infection ( ie eaten bad food), do not give to pts with abd pain of unknown origin, obstructive jaundice
Nursing Responsibilities
Monitor BM to see if pt still needs meds
IF abdomen changes report or if temp or decreases in vs, pt may need iv fluids/electrolytes, I/O, Monitor perianal area for exforation from diarrhea (apply vaseline around it)
Patient teaching for Antidiarrheals
Do not exceed recom dosage may cause drowsiness, avoid alchohol or cns depressants unless approved by MD, Notify MD if diarrhea persists or becomes more severe
Antiflatulents what is the action
decrease flatus in intestinal tract
Name one example of an antiflatulent
Mylicon (used post op charcoal)
Uses of antiflatulent
pain relief caused by excess gas (ex post op gas distention, peptic ulcer, diverticulosis) Charcoal as antidote for poisoning
Adverse reactions/Contrainications for antiflatulent
Few or none
NSG responsibilities
Mylicon before each meal at hours of sleep Activated charcoal two hours before or one hour after meals
Pt and family teaching antiflatulent
Take simethicone after meal and at bedtime, thoroughly chew tablets because complete particle dispersion enhances antiflatulent actions notify md if symptoms not relieved in several days