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Kaposi Sarcoma is casused by ?

HHV 8 - a herpes virus (human herpes virus)

Cool colors remind us that HHV 8 is a ___ virus


AIDS and immunosuppressed associated with ______ _______.

Kaposi Sarcoma

Kaposi characterized by ?

Erythematous violatious lesions from the nose, extremities, and mucous membranes. May be present as a plaque, patch, macule, or even as a nodule. Arise from primative vasculature forming mesenchymal cells. Pathogenesis involves angiogenesis. Newly created blood vessels within the lesions cause the violacious color. (red hose... proliferation of vasculature)

How does kaposi sarcoma cause proliferation of vasculature?

dysregulation of VEG-F (veg Fertilizer)

Lesions can also be found anywhere within the __ _____. Most common place is the _____ ______.

GI tract. Hard Palate

HHV8 can also infect __ cells, and cause a __ cell lymphoma known as primary Effusion lymphoma.

B cells! (archer releases arrows like b cells release abs)

Transmission of HHV8?

sexual contact, which includes kissing, especially in men who have sex with men.

3 populations of people for whom index of suspision for kaposi sarcoma should be high:

AIDS/immunocompromised, Elderly Russian men (lower extremity lesions), adults in africa have classic presentation with palatal lesions but in kids it can be fatal.

Kaposi sarcoma lesions most commonly confused with another lesion...

Basilary angiomatosis - bartonella hensleae (which can be transmitted by cat scratches) - tiger

To definitively determine the diff must look microscopically.

Kaposi sarcoma - lymphocytic infiltrate (viral)

Basilary angiomatosis has a neutrophilic infiltrate (bacteria)


antiretroviral therapy if patient is HIV positive... the lesions should start to shrink if patient responds to therapy.