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Triangle of doom

Laproscopic hernia repairs- avoid surgical staples in this area

Boundaries :

Laterally - gonadal vessels

Medially - spermatic cord in males, round ligament in females

Apex is towards deep ring

Misnomer - not a triangle

Content - external iliac vessels

Triangle of pain

Boundaries :

Medially - spermatic vessels

Laterally - iliopubic tract

Inferiorly - inferior free edge of skin incision

Content :

Genitofemoral nerve

Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh

Significance :

Surgical staples if put in this area can cause nerve entrapment and neuralgia

Corona mortis / circle of death

In Laproscopic hernia repair

-Anastomosis between aberrant and normal obturator artery

-If injured causes heavy bleeding from both the cut ends