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-plasma based

-coagulation happens outside the body

-coagulation studies

in vitro

-cell based

-coagulation happens INSIDE the body

in vivo

same function as in vitro - formation of fibrin clot (irreversible)

in vivo

in vivo coagulation pathway

cell based coagulation

3 stages of cell based coagulation




-extrinsic tenase complex / pathway (starts with TF with F7)

-generation of small amounts of factor Xa, factor IXa and thrombin

initiation stage

fibroblasts and subendothelial cells (tissue bearing cells) that carry TF

initiation stage

activates platelets and amplify coagulant activity on the platelet surface

"priming" amounts of thrombin

is a cell important for maintaining primary and secondary hemostasis


a critical co factor in the prothrombinase complex subsequently assembles on the activated platelet membrane

activated factor V (FVa)

-critical component of the TENASE complex, which also assembles on the platelet surface

factor 8a

sets the stage for the formation of the TENASE and PROTHROMBINASE complex

platelet activation

the assembled enzyme complexes on the platelet surface rapidly lead to the production of enough FIIa to support additional platelet activation


additional platelet activation leads to ever increasing amount of FIIa and subsequent fibrin formation


phase where there is a great production of thrombin


fibrin clot formation

has additional roles in stabilizing the hemostatic plug

thrombin that is produced AFTER the clot forms

the platelet produced thrombin has multiple actions in addition to clotting fibrinogen. it also stabilizes the clot by:

-activating FXIII

-activating TAFI

-cleaving the platelet PAR-4 receptor

-being incorporated into the structure of the clot

TAFI means

Thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor