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What is the incubation period for the flu?

1-4 days

Treatment and prevention for influenza A

amatidine (Symmetrel) +

rimatadine (Flumadine)

Treatment and prevention for inflenza B

zanamirivr (Relena)

ostamivir (Tamilflu)

most used early on in acute illness

MMR adult administration

2 vaccines one month apart (if born after 1957)

Pneumococcal disease is caused by what bacteria

step pneumonia

Medical indications for pneumonococcal vaccine

chronic lung disease (or asthma)

chronic cardiovascular disease


chronic liver disease

sick cell anemia


nursing home residents


>65 y/o

Pneumococcal vaccine in persons >65 guidelines

1 revaccination if

>5 years since last vaccine and younger than 65 at time of vaccine

Hep B vaccine contraindicated in persons with allergy to

Bakers yeast

B= Bakers : HINT

An acute Hep B patient who has not been immunized should recieve

HBIG and hepB immunization series

Smallpox transmission routes

deposits of infected droplets into nasal, oral, or pharyngeal mucous membranes

direct and fairly long face to face contact

When is smallpox most contagious

with onset of rash

how long is smallpox contagious

until scabs fall off

Incubation period of smallpox

7-17 days

Smallpox rash features

starts on the face and migrates down

lesions are always at same stage

Polio virus transmission

fecal oral