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What are 3 things that make up well-being?
What are 3 things that are needed for wellness?
physical, mental, and social
What is a goal?
A result that a person aims for and works to reach.
What is a risk factor?
Factor or condition that increases likelihood of injury disease or other negative thing.
What are 3 categories of risk factors?
Do you have control over your inherited traits?
No, you are born with them.
Explain what a social risk factor in the environment is.
The friends you choose can be social risk factors.
Do you have any control over hereditary risk factors?
If so how?
Yes, if you have the tendencies you can avoid risk factors.
What is a disability?
Physical or mental impairment that limits or reduces the ability to participate in normal life activities.
Name 3 things you can do to avoid physical risk factors.
Stay out of polluted waters,
Use sunscreen,
Wear hearing protection
What is quality of life?
Degree of satisfacation from life
Define health
Well-being of body, mind, and relationships
What is a value?
Name 3 values important to you.
Standards and beliefs that are most important to you.
honesty, hard work, friendship, loyalty
What is a habit?
Pattern of behavior, automatic and hard to change.
What are the 3 leading causes of death for people 15-24?
motor vehicle
homocide (murder)
What is prevention?
Keeping free of disease and health problems
What are 4 steps needed for behavior change?
decision making
applying skills
Name a cultural influence that may be unhealthy.
Eating a lot of high fat or high cholesterol foods.
What is a behavioral risk?
result from actions and decisions, you decide
Name 3 environmental risk factors.
radiation from the sun,
polluted water,
loud noise
What is on each end of the Illness-Wellness continuum?
Illness on the left
Wellness on the right
Nuetral in the middle
What is social health?
Name 3 things to promote it.
How we get along with other people.
loving relationships,
making and keeping friends,
telling others our needs
What is mental health?
Name 3 things to support it
How good you feel about yourself and your coping skills.
share feelings,
learn from mistakes
What is physical health?
Name 3 things that support it
How well your body works
healthy diet
visits to Dr. and dentist