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What is theouter border of the lips called?

Vermillion Border

What is grooveextending from the ala of the nose to the labial commissure ?

Nasolabial Fold

What is theterm for the white part of the eye?


The areabetween the eyebrows is called the glabella (T or F)


What is theterm for the groove extending from the nasal septum to the midline of the lip?


The mucosaon the inside of the cheeks is called the buccal mucosa (T or F)


What is thename of the small elevation in the buccal mucosa?

Parotid papilla

Theparotid papilla is the opening to which duct?

Stensen's Duct

Whatis the name for the elevation behind the last molar in the maxilla?

Maxillary tuberosity

Whatis name of the pad of tissue behind the mandibular 3rd molar?


Whatis the piece of tissue between the ventral surface of the tongue and the floorof the mouth?

lingual frenum

Is the topof the tongue called dorsal or ventral?


Whatis the scalloped demarcation between the attached gingiva and the alveolarmucosa?

mucogingival junction

Whatis the demarcation between the alveolar mucosa and the buccal mucosa?

mucobuccal fold

What is theelevated line of tissue line down the midline of the hard palate?

Median Palatine Raphe

What are theirregular ridges posterior to the incisive papilla?

Palatine Rugae