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What is shyness?

What are the results of being shy?
Does it ever help?
*Shyness is fretting about social disapproval and anticipating unfavorable judgements.

-interactions are impoverished
- low self-esteem, lower levels of social skills
-negative impressions that one tries to avoid wind up being made by others

*SHYNESS CAN BE USEFUL. In novel situations when you don't know how to behave, a shy person can usual keep themself from doing something inappropriate.
Why might jealousy be looked upon as a postiive?
In the 50's and 60's jealousy was a symobol of love and was good for one's marriage.
Two Types Of JEalousy
*Reactive: occurs when someone becomes aware of an actual threat, doesn't have to be a current event

*Suspicious: when a partner hasn't done anything wrong, over-vigilance and snooping, paranoia. Partner has not actually misbhaved.
Who's Prone to Jealousy?
*those who are dependent upon the realtionship
*those who feel inadequate
*if one person is more desirable than the other
*those who are preoccupied by the realtionship
*thos who promote sexual exclusivity
*traditional gender roles
What is deception? How is it different from lying?
Deception is the intenti8onal behavior that creates an impression in the recipient that the deceiver knows is false. I.E. conceling info, telling half-truths

The Difference:
-outright lying in whihc people fabricate info and make statemnts that contradict the truth is the best example of deceptive behavior, but there are various other ways to convey misleading impressions witout saying things that are untrue
What is deceiver's mistrust?
*seeing the recipient of out lies as less trustworhty and honest
*liars think their lies are less offensive than their receiver does.
*those who are leaders are more likely to lie
*people lying to attractive individuals are easy to detect
Cues to Lying
-speaking hesitatntly
-higher pitch voice
-grammatical errors
-pupils dialate
-blink more often
-discrepancies between tone and facial expresssion
Effects of Betrayal
results in relational devaluation
realize partner doesnt:
-love us as much as expected
-accept us as much as they used to
-value the relationship

romantic partners and friends are most often the cause of hurt feelings
What makes a liar successful?
when a liar is confident that their lies are accepted and they feel sure that they have not been caught lying
What is meant by the two sides of betrayal?
Betrayers often consider their behavior to be inconsequential and unhurtful. they are quick to vindicate their actions However their victims rarely agree that their betrayers' transgressions are not severew
Two components of forgiving a betrayal
1-an apology, victims are more likely to forgive those who offer a sincere apology and admit their wrong

2-empathy, on the part of the victime. thos who can imagine why their partners behaved the way they did are able to forgive more easily with compassion
What traits may lead to jealousy?
Men are more jealous of other men who are self=confident, dominant, and asseritve whic suggest resourcefulness.

Women are more jealous of other women who are pretty rather than self=confident or dominant.