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What are the axioms for interpersonal communication?
1. One cannot, not communcate
2. Communcation consists of 2 dimenstions. Content & Relationship
3. Nature of relationship depends on how the parties puncuate the communication
What is the interactional Veiw Theory?
"family related" the interactions of systems orientation
What is the social Judgement Theory?
We listen to other people and make judggment on where are they in comparasion to me.
What are the 3 latitudes (areas)?
1. Lat. of acceptance
2. Lat. of rejection
3. Lat. of non-comittment
What are the errors in judging messages?
1. Contrast Error (ego)
2. Assimilation Error (topic within lat. of accpetance.
3. Boomerang effect (push a little too far)
What does ELM stand for?
Elaberation Liklihood Model.
What are the 2 routes of communcation?
1. Central (Using your head)
2. Periphial (Don't think about the facts)
What two quaulities do you need to have in order to use the central route?
1. The ability
2. The motiviation
What are the 2 types of Elaberation
1. Objective thinking
2. Biased Thinking