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Where is the river yangtze?

Flows through china.

How big is the river yangtze?

Third worlds longest river in the world, 6380km long.

What is common within the river yangtze?

Season flooding-rainy season from june to august causing high discharge.

How many floods over the last century?

5 major floods.

How big was the flood during 1954 and how many killed?

193000km2 33169

How many people killed in 1998 and how many homeless?

3000 people killed, 14 million homless.

What flood protection is used for the river Yangtze?

Hard engineering.

What hard engineering techniques have been used?

-46 dams planned or under construction.

-3600km of levees along the middle and lower part of the river.

What is behind the dam and why?

The reservoir builds up behind the dam, it cataches any flood water and can be released slowly over time.

How much water can the reservoir store?

22km3 of flood water.

What power does the reservoir produce?

hydroelectric power largest in world with 26 turbines.

what has build along side the dam?

locks so ships can get past is easily.

Positive effects of the dam?

-reduced major flooding from once every ten years, to once every 100 years.

-dam produces electricity 3% of demand for china.

-reduction in river much more safer to navigate up the river, bigger ships can also travel because the reservoir is deeper, than the old one.

Negative effects of levees?

-1998 levees broken contributing to devasting floods.

-levees were reinforced, they were effective at reducing 2002 floods.

Negative effects of the dam?

-people relocate as water levels in reservoir risen, 2m people relocated.

-13 cities submerged and 1352 villages

-farmland, 657 factors, 1300 cultural and historic sites such as temple of zhang fei.

-dam will trap sediment which could lead to failure of dam causing further flooding.

-destory habitats and endanger species, fewer baiji dolphins over 100 with reduced food supply.

-doesnt protect everyone, flooding in tributaries which lead into into such as daning river.