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What does the heart zang supply to the uterus (zi gong)?
Heart blood goes down to zi gong.
Heart yang goes down to zi gong.
They travel via the bao mai (uterus vessel)
What does the liver (gan) supply to the uterus (zi gong)?
Liver provides & moves blood
What does the Penetrating vessel (chong mai) provide to the uterus (zi gong)?
Chong mai provides & moves blood.
What does the Directing Vessel (ren mai) provide to the uterus (zi gong)?
The ren mai provides Essence & Yin to the uterus (zi gong)
What does the Governing Vessel (du mai) provide to the uterus (zi gong)?
The du mai provides Yang & Minister Fire to the uterus (zi gong)
What do the Kidneys (shen) provide to the uterus (zi gong)?
The Kidneys provide Essence to the uterus (zi gong) via the Uterus Channel (bao luo)
How does the Stomach (wei) connect with the uterus (zi gong)?
The wei connects with the uterus (zi gong)
via the chong mai (penetrating vessel).
How does the Spleen (pi) contribute to the uterus?
The Spleen makes blood
The Spleen holds the blood in the vessels.
The Spleen keeps the uterus in place.
What type of organ is the uterus (zi gong)?
The uterus is an extraordinary fu organ.
What does the uterus store?
Blood, Fetus, Essence, Eggs
What does the uterus discharge?
Fetus, Blood, Eggs
The discharge of eggs and menstrual blood are associated with which organ and vesel?
The Heart organ and
the bao mai (uterus vessel)
Which organ and channel are associated with the ebb & flow of yin & yang throughout the menstrual flow?
The Kidney organ and
the bao luo (uterus channel)
What extraordinary vessels are strongly related to the uterus (zi gong)?
Chong Mai (ming men to ren 1 to mouth)
Dai Mai (encircles waist)
Du Mai (up the back & over the head)
Ren Mai (up the front)
What regular vessels are strongly associated with the uterus (zi gong)?
Liver & Kidney


Spleen & Stomach
What are the direct causes of Injury to the chong & ren mo?
evil toxin infections

undisciplined bedroom affairs
(excessive sexual activity)
What are the indirect causes of injury to the chong & ren mo?
internal damage by the 7 affects

invasion by the 6
external environment excesses

loss of discipline in food & drink
What external factors most frequently cause gynecological problems?
excess cold

excess heat

excess dampness
What causes leukorrhea?
Spleen yang fails in its transporting
function, thus damp & turbidity pour
downwards causing leukorrhea.
What gynecological problems will result from a loss of earth regulation function?
Loss of earth regulation function is caused by loss of discipline in food
& drink.

It will result in delayed menstruation,
scanty menstruation, & menstrual block.
At what points in pregnancy is intercourse allows?
It is recommended that there be no
sexual activity during the pregnancy.
(fetal learning)
What is the primary external cause of early menstruation?
excess heat
What is the primary external cause of delayed menstruation?
excess cold
What is the primary cause of menopausal syndrome?
kidney xu due to aging

qi & blood xu detriment

liver yang rising
What is lochia?
The vaginal discharge that takes place
during the first week or two after
What is menarche?
The establishment or beginning of the
menstrual function.
What is eclampsia?
Convulsions and coma occurring in a
pregnant or puerperal woman, associated
with preeclampsia, i.e., with
hypertension, oedema, and/or proteinuria
What are the 4 aspects of menstruation that are the primary indicators for diagnosis?
Amount, Color, Clots, Quality
What are 3 disorders typically occurring for recently delivered females?
difficult defecation
What are the Yin discharges of the female?


clot, leukorrhea

menstrual blood

delivery - fluids, blood, et al
What are three signs of the maturation of the tian gui?
The arrival of the first menses

The development of secondary
sexual characteristics

What are the functions of the tian gui?
Causes menses

Nourishes chong mai

Opens ren mai

Helps uterus performs its functions

(analogous to sex hormones)
What 2 extraordinary vessels must me operative in order for menses to occur?
The Chong must the Full
The Ren must be Flowing
Name the extraordinary vessels and their corresponding master points that most influence gynecological functions?
Chong Mai - Sp-4

Ren Mai - Lu-7

Du Mai - SI-3

Dai Mai - GB-41
What is the normal length of the menstrual cycle?
28 days is expected.

Normal range is 25-35 days
What is the normal length of the period?
between 3 & 7 days is normal
What is the normal amount of fluid discharge during the period?
50 ml to 80 ml is normal
What is the color for normal menstrual blood?
Dark red early (day 1)

Brighter red in middle (days 2-4)

Dark red at end
What are the qualities for normal menstrual blood?
not watery,
not sticky,
no clots ( small clotting OK),
no bad smell
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: early
Amount: lots
Color: dark red
Quality: sticky
Clots: yes

Tongue: red Coat: dry, white or yellow
Pulse: Rapid, Full, or Big
Early Menses due to Heat Shi

TP: Clear Heat, Cool Blood,
Regulate Menses

Formula: Xian Xi Tang
Si Wu Tang + Huang Qin
+ Huang Lian + Huang Bai

LI-11 + ST-44: Clear Heat
LI-4 + LV-3: Reduce to slow blood
Du-14 + UB-17: Clear Heat (Blood)
KI-5: xi-cleft - reg menses, prtct yin
SP-6: moves & cools blood, reg. menses
Menstrual Symptoms
Phase: early
Amount: scanty
Color: brigh red
Quality: sticky
Clotting: no

Tongue: red, thin Coat: thin or none
Pulse: rapid, thready

palps, night sweats, 5 palm heat, thirst, dry throat
Early Menses due to False Heat

TP: Tonify Yin, Clear Heat,
Regulate Menses

Formula: Liang Di Tang,
Qing Jing San (mod)

KI-3 + UB-23: Nourish Kidney Yin
Ki-5: xi cleft
Ren 3 + Zi Gong: Gyn points,
Essence & Yin
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: early
Amount: more
Color: dark red, purple
Quality: sticky
Clots: lots

Tongue: darkish or light purple
Coat: thin, white or yellowish
Pulse: wiry or choppy

Breast fulness, hypochondrial fulness,
irritable, ~diarrhea, ~constipation,
insomnia, dry mouth, bitter taste
Early Menses from Liver Qi Stagnation

TP: Clear Heat, disperse Liver Qi,
Regulate Menses

Formula: Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San
Jia Wei Xiao Yao San

LV-3 + LV-14: move liver qi
GB-41 + SJ-5: Dai Mo
master a coupling point
SP-10: reduce heat
Menstrual Symptoms
Phase: early
Amount: perhaps excessive
Color: ??
Clots: ??

Tongue Coat: white & slimy
Pulse: slippery & rapid

Body is obese, face is puffy & yellow,
head distention like a band, heavy limbs, vertigo,chest oppression,nausea,
~loose stools, abdominal distention,
chronic abnormal vaginal discharge
Early Menstruation from Phlegm Heat

TP: Eliminate damp, transform phlegm,
clear heat

Formula: Dan Xi Xin Fa

SP-9 + ST-40: clear phlegm
UB-20: tonify spleen (transform phlegm)
Menstrual Symptoms
Phase: early
Amount: excessive
Color: pale
Quality: watery
Clots: none

Tongue: pale red, thin, moist
Pulse: soft, weak, forceless

dizziness, vertigo, palps, cold body,
dislike cold, quite voice, no hunger,
no thirst
Early Menses from Qi Xu
(Big time Sp Qi Xu)

TP: Regulate qi, Tonify Spleen,
Regulate Menses

Formula: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tong
Ju Yuan Jian, Gui Pi Tang

Ren 6, SP-6:
KI-13: tonify Kidney qi
ST-36: tonify Qi
UB-20 + UB-21: tonify spleen & stomach
What are the indicators of delayed menses?
Menses is late by 7 or more days
32-40 day cycle

occurs at least 2 cycles in succession
What are the 5 causes of delayed menses?
Excess Cold (exterior)
Empty Cold (interior yang xu (SP, KI))
Blood Xu
Qi Stagnation
Phlegm Obstruction
(can result from long time of any of them)
(especially cold)
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: late
Amount: scanty
Color: dark
Quality: sticky
Clots: yes

Tongue: dark, twc
Pulse: deep, tight

lower abdominal ache & pain, aversion to cold, likes warmth, white complexion, 4 limbs cold, ~poor appetite, lower back & leg pain & weakness
Late Menstruation due to Excess Cold

TP: Warm Channel, disperse cold,
regulate menses, activate qi flow

Formula: Wen Jin Tang

Du 14: moxa
ST-29 + ST-25: warm lower jiao
SP-6 + CV-6: move stag (moxa)
CV-8: ginger moxa
Menstrual Symtpoms
Phase: late
Amount: little
Color: pale
Quality: watery
Clots: none

Tongue: pale, enlarged, ~teethmarks
Coat: white, sticky coat
Pulse: slow, deep, weak

abdominal pain, likes pressure, diarrhea, pale face, pale lips, dislike cold, lumbar pain, lower limb pain, extremity pain
Delayed menses from False Cold

TP: warm yang, disperse cold,
regulate menses

Formula: Ai Fu Nuan Gong Jian

SP-3, SP-6, ST-36, UB-20: tonify + moxa
Du 4, UB-23: moxa (warm yang)
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: late
Color: pale
Quantity: scanty
Quality: ~watery
Clots: none

Tongue: thin, ~pale, some coat
Pulse: deep, thready

lower abdominal pain, emaciated, dull white complexion, palps, dizziness, tinnitus, tidal fever in afternoon, dry skin, dry stool
Delayed Menses from Blood Xu

TP: tonify blood, regulate menses

Formula: Da Bu Yuan Jian
Ren SHen Yang Rong Tang
Xiao Ying Jian

ST-36: tonify whole body qi
Sp-3: Tonify spleen yuan qi
Sp-10: tonify blood
St-30: tonify spleen, reg chong,
regulate menses
UB-20: tonify Spleen
UB-17: blood point
Ki-3, Ki-10: tonify Ki & clr false heat
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: late
Amount: less
Color: dark or purple
Quality: ~sticky, gluey
clots: many, ~sticky

Tongue: purple hue, twc
Pulse: shoppy or wiry

lower abd distention & pain, epigastric, lateral costal, & breast distention, irritability, anxiety, sighing (liver qi stag)
Delayed Menses from Liver Qi Stagnation

TP: regulate menses, move (activate) qi
if cold: warm channels & disperse cold

Formula: wu yao tang, xiao yao san

LV-3: reduce Lv heat, move qi
GB-37: disperse liver qi
GB-40 + LV-5: lessen stag, reg lv qi
SP-8: reduce stag, tonify qi
SP-6 + SJ-5: reg 3 yin, disperse qi
CV-12, PC-6: disp qi, reg qi, calm body
CV-3: reg menses
ST-25: reg qi, elim stasis in lower abd
ST-29: warm lower jiao uterus
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: late
Amount: less (small amt)
Color: Dull & Dark
Quality: congealed, sticky
Clots: yes

Tongue: white, slimey coat
Pulse:slippery Coat:white/yellow, thick

chronic abnormal vaginal discharge, chest oppression, epigastric distention, excessive phlegm, heavy limbs, palps, short breath
Delayed menses from Phlegm Obstruction

TP:regulate menses, elim phlegm/stasis,
tonify earth

Formula: Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang

SP-9, ST-40: phlegm, tonify spleen
SP-3: spleen
K-7: kidney yang
UB-20, UB-21, UB-23: Sp, St, Ki
SJ-10: open 3 jiaos
How much time is typically required for primiparas and multiparas birth?
primiparas - 14 to 18 hours
multiparas - 8 to 12 hours
Term refering to the fetus during the first trimester?
initial fetus
Paroxysmal contraction of the abdomen, especially a sagging, heavy sensation in the lower abdomen
first stage of labor
_______ are a major disease cause in gynecology.
Emotional Disturbances
What precautions should a woman take to prevent the onset of menstrual disease?
During Menstruation:
- no sex
- no chilled food or drink
- no spicy food
- Protect the warmth of the lower body
- no soaking in the bath
- no excessive fatigue

- keep the essence spirit happy & calm
Menstrual Symptoms

Amount: sudden, more than usual
Color: dark red
Quality: sticky
Clotting: many

Tongue: red, ~very dry, ~thin yellow
Pulse: rapid, ~full, or ~rolling

~fever, red face, thirst, dizzy or headache, constipation, yellow urine, et cetera
Uterine Bleeding
Excess Heat

Clear Heat, Cool Blood,
Stop Bleeding, regulate menses

Qing Re Gu Jing Tang

Clear Heat:
LI-4, LV-3, LI-11, GB-40, GB-38,
HT-7 + KI-3, SI-4,5, LV-2, PC-6

Stop Bleeding:
ST-44, Ren 3, SP-10

Jiu Xue Bing
(#3 sacral verterbra)
10-20 minutes
Menstrual Symptoms:

Amount: dribbling, scant, could also be heavier with false heat
Color: bright red
Quality: sticky
Clots: none

Tongue: red, thin or no coat, ~geo-coat
Pulse: fine, rapid, forceless

5-palm heat, insomnia, low pack pain, et cetera
Uterine Bleeding
Kidney Yin Xu

Tonify Yin, Clear Heat,
Stop Bleeding, Regulate Menses

Bao Yin Jian
(Protect Yin Formula)

KI-3 + UB-57, KI-7, LU-8,
UB-23 or KI-8, KI-10, CV-4, ST-25
Menstrual Symptoms

Amount: sudden, heavy or dribbles ceaselessly
Color: pale red
Quality: watery
Clots: none

Tongue: pale. swollen, teethmarks, TWC
Pulse: Deep without force

vertigo, chilly limbs, low back & knee pain & weakness, loose stools, long & clear urination.
Uterine Bleeding
Kidney Yang Xu

Warm Kidney, Strengthen Qi,
Stop Bleeding, Regulate Menses

You Gui Wan

KI-3 + UB-57, KI-7, LU-8,
UB-23 or KI-8, KI-10, CV-4, ST-25
Menstrual Symptons

Amount: Dribbling constantly
Color: pale
Quality: watery
Clots: none

Tongue: swollen, pale, TWC
Pulse: weak, fine

cold limbs, edema, short breath, low voice, epigastric distention, loose stools
Uterine Bleeding
Spleen Qi or Yang Xu

Tonify Qi, Nourish Yin/Blood,
Control Blood, Regulate Menses

Gu Ben Zhi Beng Tang
(Secure Root, Stop Bleeding Decoction)

UB-20, LV-13, SP-3 or SP-6, GV-4,
CV-6, 12, GV-20, UB-43, SJ-8, SJ-5
Menstrual Symptoms

Amount: dribbles without ceasing or precipitates heavily
Color: Dark or Purple
Clots: yes

Tongue: purple & dark or purple spots
Pulse: Choppy or ~wiry

abdominal pain - no pressure
Uterine Bleeding
Blood Stagnation

Activate Blood, Break Stagnation

Shi Xiao San + Si Wu Tang
(must modify as tang is weak)

SP-3, LV-5, SJ-5 or SJ-8,
SP-10 or UB-17, CV-6 or CV-4
Excessive uterine bleeding during or between cycles.
Beng = Sudden
Lou = Dripping
What is Beng Lou?
Uterine bleeding occurs because the chong & ren find it difficult to restrict the blood. There is likely a break in the flow of the ren & chong mai leading to instability
What is the root of Beng Lou?
What are the causes of uterine bleeding?
Heat in Blood,
Kidney Yang Xu,
Kidney Yin Xu,
Spleen Qi/Yang Xu,
Blood Stasis
What is the overiding treatment principle for uterine bleeding?
2. Treat the root pathology |
3. Maintain Balance (qi & Blood) |
Main formula to stop bleeding...
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang

Tonify Qi to Stop Bleeding
Nourish Blood
extra points:
Dbuan Hong, Xue Jian Chou

uterus point, endocrine point

Moxa on Bai Hui,
CV-8 with gan jiang or fu zi
Stop Bleeding Acupoints?
What are the three basic causes of Irregular Menstruation?
Spleen (Pi) Qi Xu
Kidney (Shen) Qi Xu
Liver (Gan) Qi Yu Jie
What are the 8 causes of Irregular Menstruation (Yue Jing Qian Hou Wu Ding)?
1. Spleen (Pi) Xu |
2. Excess food injures Pi |
3. Chronic disease |
worsens Qi Xu |
4. Emotes held within: |
gan qi yu jie (肝氣鬱結) |
5. Polyparas: lose xue & jing: |
Shen Qi Xu |
6. Excessive Sexual Activity: |
Shen Yin Xu |
7. Female (9-15): Shen Jing |
not abundant |
8. Menopause: Shen Yin/Jing Xu |
Why is menses irregular? What causes this (physiology)?
Becuase blood gets to the chong
early or late.
Menstrual Symptoms:

Phase: Irregular
Amount: excessive
Quality: watery
Clots: none
Color: pale (light red)

Pale face or yellowish tint, digestion fair, ~diarrhea, ~palps, sensation of edema in afternoon
T: pale, wide, teethmarks, TWC
P: slow (no move blood), thready, weak (no control blood)
Irregular menstruation from
Pi Qi Xu

Tonify Qi &
Regulate Menses
SP-3: horary point
SP-9: activate spleen
Zi Gong: gyne point
PC-6 + SP-4: Chong & Yin Wei
ST-36: tonify San Jiao
ST-41: fire point on earth channel
UB-20, 21: SP/ST back shu
UB-32: gyne point
CV-7: chest qi - helps disperse qi
LU-7 or LU-9: help lung disperse

Shen Ling Bai Zhu San
(Genseng & Atractylodes)

Wen Wei Yin
(Warm Stomach Decoction)
Treatment for
Irregular Menses
Pi Qi Xu
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: early, late, erratic
Amount: less
Color: pale
Clots: small to no clots
Quality: sticky or watery

Sore, cold lumbar, foggy thought, dizziness, tinnitus (high pitch), frequent urination
T: pale, ~TWC, ~ red
P: thready
Irregular menses from
Kidney (Shen) Xu

Tonify Shen Qi &
Regulate Menses
KI-7: tonify shen yang
KI-3: tonify shen qi
KI-2: fire point on water channel
SJ-4: yuan source
SJ-5: improve san jiao circulation
LU-8: horary point on mother channel
KI-10: He Sea, horary point

Gu Yin Jian
(Consolidate Yin Tea)
Treatment for
Irregular Menses from
Shen Shu
Menstrual Symptoms:
Phase: early, late, erratic
Amount: ~more, ~less
Color: red or dark red
Clots: yes
Quality: sticky

lower abdomen distention & pain, chest & lateral costal or breast distention & pain, appetite fair, ~bitter taste
T: tip & sides red, TYC or dry, ~normal
P: wiry, ~rapid
Irregular Menstruation from
Liver Qi Stagnation
Gan Qi Yu Jie

Disperse Liver Qi &
Regulate Menses
LV-3: yuan source (even work)
LV-14: mu (sedate)
BL-18: shu
GB-37: luo
PC-6: calm shen
BL-17: reduce
LV-2: fire point on wood (reduce)
GB-34: damp-heat
SP-3, SP-9: move qi

Xiang Wu San
(cyperus & lindera)

Xiao Yao San

Xiao Yao San
Teatment for
Irregular Menstruation
Liver Qi Stagnation
Gan Qi Yu Jie
1. Harmonize Blood
2. Treat the Root-cause of bleeding
3. Astringe
4. Treat Qi
What are the principles
of treatment for any
bleeding syndrome?
4 key points in the treatment of gynecological diseases...
Regulate the Qi & Blood
Harmonize the Spleen & Stomach
Nourish the Liver & Kidneys
Boost the Chong & Ren
Fetal education:
Modify both mental & emotional outlook to ensure healthy development of the baby.

1. abstain from random use of medications,
2. abstain from alcohol
3. no reckless treatment by acupuncture & moxibustion
4. no lifting heavy objects.
5. no climbing heights
6. take frequent leisurely walks
7. avoid excessive fatigue
8. do not sleep excessively
9. abstain from sexual activity
Behaviors that expectant
mothers should exhibit?