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What is the precursor to the metanephros, urogenital sinus, wolffian ducts, and the mullerian ducts?
What is another name for Wollfian ducts?
Mesonephric ducts
What is another name for Mullerian ducts?
What is the most common of the congenital malformations of the female genital tract?
Bicornuate Uterus
What is the imaginary arcuate line that marks the plane seperating the false from the true pelvis?
Linea Terminalis
What is the more superior aspect of the pelvic cavity, extending from the iliac crests superiorly to the linea terminalis inferiorly?
False Pelvis
What extends from the linea terminalis to the pelvic diaphragm inferiorly?
True Pelvis
What is a bowl shaped cavity aligned posteriorly and inferiorly within the skeletal framework?
True Pelvis
What is located in the hypogastric portion of the peritoneal cavity between the urinary bladder and rectum?
What typically lie posterolateral to the uterus within the adnexa?
What is the peritoneal cavity spaces located posterior to the broad ligaments?
T or F The ovaries sometimes move anterior to the uterus or broad ligaments?
False - they never move anterior to the uterus or broad ligaments
The innominate bones join posteriorly at the sacrum and coccyx and fuse anteriorly where? Two names?
Pubis or Pubic Symphysis
The psoas major muscles join the iliacus muscles at the level of the iliac crests to join what?
Iliopsoas Bundles of the false pelvis
What originates along the arcuate line of the innominate bones and course parallel to the lateral walls of the true pelvis?
Obturator Internus
What originates in the most posterior aspect of the true pelvis, along the lower portion of the sacrum, posterior to the uterus?
Piriformis Muscles
What is a group of skeletal muscles lining the floor of the true pelvis and supporting the pelvic organs?
Pelvic Diaphragm
The Pubococcygeus and Iliococcygeus muscles form a hammock across the floor of the true pelvis and are termed what?
Levator Ani Muscles
What muscles are the most posterior muscle pair of the pelvic diaphragm?
Coccygeus Muscles
What organs are contained within the female pelvis?
1. Genital Tract
2. Ovaries
3. Urinary Bladder
4. Pelvic Colon
What consists of the genital tract?
1. Uterus
2. Vagina
3. Uterine Tubes
What are the other two names for the Uterine Tubes?
1. Fallopian Tubes
2. Oviduct Tubes
The Mullerian ducts of the female embryo fuse midline to form what three things?
1. Vagina
2. Uterus
3. Fallopian Tubes
Name three congenital ovarian malformations?
1. Unilateral Mullerian duct anomaly
2. gonadal dysgenesis
3. Accesory, lobulated, and supernumerary ovaries
What are the three descriptive regions used to describe the area of the pelvis?
1. Right Iliac
2. Hypogastric
3. Left Iliac
What are the two structurally continous compartments that comprise the pelvic cavity area?
1. True Pelvis
2. False Pelvis
What other two names does False Pelvis have?
1. Major Pelvis
2. Greater Pelvis
What other two names does True Pelvis have?
1. Lesser Pelvis
2. Minor Pelvis
What extends from the uterus to the ovaries, which are situated more laterally within the true pelvis? Name all three names?
1. Fallopian Tubes
2. Oviduct Tubes
3. Uterine Tubes
What three things does the pelvic skeleton consists of?
1. Sacrum
2. Coccyx
3. Innominate Bones
What three things does the innominate bone consists of?
1. Ilium
2. Ishium
3. Pubis
The muscular floor of the Pelvic Diaphragm consists of what three paired muscles?
1. Pubococcygeus
2. Iliococcygeus
3. Coccygeus Muscles
Levator Ani Muscles provide primary support to the pelvic viscera and aid in the contraction of what two things?
1. Vagina
2. Rectum