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What's the longest bone in the human body?
The femur(thighbone)

If you got it right you earn 50 point
What's the largest human organs?

If you got it right you earn 50 points
Top 10 terms of enderment used in the US

If you got it right earn 10 points
How tall was the Petronas Towers?

If you got it earn 100 points
Who was the youngest female singers to have no.1 singer in the Us
Little Peggy March
If you got it right earn 30 points
What's the Top 1 dog's name in the US
What's the top 1 animated movies
THe Loin King

If you got it right earn 40 points
What's the first Tom and Jerry cartoons?
Puss Gets the Boot

If you got it right earn 50 points
What's the country with the most asian elephants.

IF you got it right you earn 10 points
What's the top 1 rabbit's name in the US