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A group of penguins?
a colony
A group of bees?
a swarm
A group of rabbits?
a nest
A group of birds?
a flock
A group of apes?
A group of elephants?
a herd
A group of crocodiles?
a float
A groups of lions?
a pride
A group of baboons?
A group of gorillas?
a band
A group of deer?
a herd
A group of ants?
a colony
A group of frogs?
an army or colony
A groups of dogs?
a pack
A group of caterpillars?
an army
A group of turkeys?
a rafter
A group of bears?
a sleuth or sloth
A group of antelope?
A group of ducks?
a brace, paddling or team
A group of monkeys?
a troop
A group of chickens?
a brood or peep
A group of cats?
a clowder or clutter
A group of turtles?
a bale