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Pinot Noir Grape

A black grape variety with thin skin. Requires a cool to moderate climate.

Pinot Noir Wine

Usually pale to medium in color; High acidity; Low to medium tannins; red-fruit flavors (strawberry, raspberry, red cherry) that can range from fresh to cooked depending on the grape ripeness.

Where in France is Pinot Noir grown?

Burgundy, France

Where in the US is Pinot Noir grown?

California: Carneros, Sonoma, Santa Barbara County


Where is Chile is Pinot Noir grown?

Casablanca Valley (coastal sub-region)

Where in South Africa is Pinot Noir grown?

Walker Bay (cool coastal region)

Where in Australia is Pinot Noir grown?

Victoria: Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula (cooling breezes from Southern Ocean)

Where in New Zealand is Pinot Noir grown?

Martinborough, Marlborough (cool to moderate climates)

Central Otago (southerly located but has breeze and rain)