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Luke always brushes his teeth after meals.

Helen sometimes sweeps the floor.

Mrs. Mousikakis usually listens to music when she goes running.

Grandma often drives the car to the city centre.

Mr. Ktenakis rarely combs his hair.

Bobby always washes his hands before lunch.

Mrs. Tileorasakis usually watches TV in the evenings.

Mr. Agorastakis often does the shopping on Saturday mornings.

Steve usually does his homework/studies in the afternoons.

Mr. Katharistakis rarely cleans the windows at home.

The baby always cries when he's hungry.

Katerina often works out/takes exercise in her free time.

Lefteris usually takes his dog for a walk in the park.

Argyris never puts his things in his bag.

Mr. Metaforakis often carries heavy bags at work.

Anna rarely irons her clothes because she hates it!

Sue gets up early in the morning every day.

Mr. Paterakis always helps his son ride his bike.

The kids usually play computer games/play on the computer at the weekends.

Kostas usually rides his bike/goes cycling three times a week.

George walks to school every day.

Irene always laughs loudly when she sees something funny.