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He led the Pueblo revolt against Santa Fe
The most obvious clue left by the Roanoke colonists
The Frenchman who explored the Mississippi River
Robert La Salle
Paid 24 dollars for the island of Manhattan
Peter Minuit
The name that we call "The Lost Colony"
The state that the "Lost Colony" would be in today
North Carolina
This man brought supplies to the settlers of the Lost Colony
John White
The Spaniard who set up missions in California
Father Serra
The Frenchman who set up the fort known as Detroit
The first successful English settlement in North America
Jamestown, Virginia
The first of the Spanish settlements in Florida
St. Augustine
Three reasons the Spanish sent explorers to the New World
gold, spread religion, fame, start settlements,
What group of people did the Spanish in the New World force into slavery
the Indians
Of Spain, England and France, which treated the Indians best?
Was the problem at Jamestown a food shortage or a food surplus?
Shortage of food
What was the main purpose of the Spanish missions?
To teach and spread the Catholic religion
What were the Spanish presidios?
What was the main source food for the Plains Indians?
the buffalo
Explorers from which of these countries explored the Mississippi River...Spain or France?
The Spanish missionaries were spreading which Christian religion?
Name examples of New World food Spaniards learned to eat....
corn squash beans
This was the main religion of Spain, which was brought to the New World.....
Why didn't Native Americans use horses before the Spainish arrived....
there were no horses in the New World until the Europeans brought them
What was the "encomienda"..
a large piece of land granted to Spaniards which gave them control over Indians who lived there
This was the usual punishment for Indians who ran away from the missions...
Whipped or locked up
Louisiana was named for this king from this country....
Louis XIV of France
The fighting between Jamestown settlers and the Indians was usually over this...
What country are the Dutch from...
Before horses, Indians used these as work animals....
When you get your graded test back, your parents would like to see it...
I knew that but thanks for the reminder.