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A group of people elected by the people of the country to conduct affairs

Political party

A group of people with the same political views ideas and aims to win political power with mass support



A body of votes in an area that elect an individual to represent them in the House of Representatives



Someone who competes in a parliamentary election as a member of a political party


Persons who are eligible to vote

Voters list

The list of electorates

Floating voter

Someone who doesn't vote for the same party each election


The person chosen to represent an area

Adult suffrage

The right to vote on reaching adult hood


The right to vote in a national election


A public written declaration of policies and objectives issued by a political party


A way of voting by placing slips in a box

Hung parliament

Result when no party has the majority amount of seats


Boundaries are moved by the political party in power in order to benefit them

Coalition government

A government formed by two or more political parties

Unc and cop

Electoral process

Prime minister sets a date , parliament is dissolved , now there is election of mps , campaigning will take place and a votes list will be made, prime minister presents their manifesto , election and boundaries commission sends out ballots , Election Day voters cast their votes and ballots are counted

Election and boundaries commission

Responsible for forming an election , they determine the amount of constituencies and boundaries within , they maintain a register of eligible voters by removing those who die and adding those who have just turned 18

What happens After announcement of election date

Campaigning begins

First past the post

This system is used in all Caribbean countries Except for Guyana this is where voters vote for a repsentative for their area and who ever has the most votes wins their constituency election , the party with the most seats. Wins

Trinidad and Tobago

Why we use the first past the post system

It is quick and simple , and promotes stability

Disadvantages of the first past the post ?

Constituencies who vote for the opposition may be neglected , it distorts election results because it doesn't always reflect the will of the people


Proportional representation

System where votes determine the winner and the electorates don't vote for candidates they vote for a political party

Advantages of proportional representation

Provides representation for the minority , eliminates Gerry mandering , each party is allocated seats in parliament according to the percentage of votes received


Too many opinions , it may form coalition governments where the parties can over throw the winning party to achieve political power

And it weakens the relationship between the people and the parliament and it gives a lot of power to the leader where they can arrange the list according to their preference


Separation of powers

Someone who does many different things , it minimizes corruption