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What are judges on the supreme court called?


What law prevails over all others in the united states?

Constitutional laws

Courts that review cases appealed from district court's are called

Court of appeals; appellate court's

Which supreme court cases required that people accused of a crime must be read their rights

Miranda vs Arizona

Miranda rights

What was the supreme court's decision on Brown vs board of education of Topeka

Separate but equal was unconstitutional

Length of term for federal court justices

Life on good terms

Who makes the decisions in the court of appeals

Panel of judges

Number of justices in supreme court


Who is responisble for setting the number of justices on the supremem court


What is the only way supreme court justices can be removed


What are the constitutional requirements to be a federal judge

There are none

How are federal judges chosen

The president

Who is responsible for approving federal court appointments

The Senate

Two punctual parties in the United States today

Democrat and republican

How are a party's candidates for president and vice president chosen

Party's national convention

In which election does a candidate for office receive the popular vote

General election

You cant vote unless you


Responsible for the establishment of the electoral college


Voting for all candidates of one political party

Straight ticket voting

Who formally elects the president off the United States

Electoral college

Explain winner takes all system

It allocates all of a states electors based on the popular vote