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The goals of the constitution can be found

In the preamble

Goals in the preamble

Establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility,provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare,secure the blessings of liberty

The two steps to amend the constitution

Proposal and ratification

I'd the president vetos a law, it can be overridden with

2/3 of congress

The supremacy clause States

State law must give way to federal law

The only amendment that has been repealed

18th amendment (banning of alcohol)

Example of concurrent power

Establishing court's

Example of a reserved power

Making marriage laws

Why was the system of checks and balances included in he constitution

Ensures that no branch of government becomes to powerful

Powers of branches

Executive-enforce /carry out laws

Legislative- makes laws

Judicial-interpret laws

Freedoms listed in the first amendment





Not protected in first amendment

Libel and slander

Fourth amendment gaurantees

Protection from unreasonable searches

Freedoms listed in fifth amendment

Eminent domain

Thirteenth amendment

Banned slavery in united states

Fourteenth amendment

Granted full citizenship to african americans

Fifthteenth amendment

granted suffrage to african american men

Seventeenth amendment

Gave eligible voters the right to elect

Ninteenth amendment granted

Suffarage to women

Difference between civic duties and responsibilities

Duties are required by law, responsibilities are not

Abraham Lincoln banner slavery using

The emancipation proclamation

Why was the bill of rights added to the constitution

Rights deemed neccasary to protect citizens

The twenty-third amendment gave electoral votes to

Residents of d.c