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rejection of a legislative act by the executive branch.
War Powers Act
limits presidential war-making powers. Any actions requires approval by the Senate. (1973)
An act about this was passed that said that provides money for programs authorized by Congress.
standing committee
permanent committee of the House or Senate that deals with matters within a specified subject area.
independent regulatory agencies
these are agencies outside of the cabinet
Ex: Environmental Protection Agency
independent regulatory commissions
they regulate a sector of society, such as transportationcommunications
Ex: Food and Drug Administration
fiscal year
gov't accounting period, which is Oct. 1st - Sept.30
executive order
formal regulation governing executive branch operations issued by the president.
civil service
could be disciplined for poor performance. An act was passed about this.
lifting of gov't rules and supervision from business and professional activity.
the Cabinet
14 members of the Cabinet
the heads of executive departments
decision making by the federal bureaucracy as to whether or not an indiv./organization as complied or violated laws and regulations.
the White House staff
a staff that includes the president's closest aides and advisers. They assist the president in whatever.
development of formal rules for implimenting legislation.
pocket veto
effective veto of a bill when Congress adjourns within 10 days of passing it and then the president fails to sign it.
when legislation is vetoed by the president it requires a 2/3 vote in both the House and the Senate.
Vice President
Presides over the Senate and votes in case of a tie. Needs to be prepared to assume the responsibilities of the president.
22nd Amendment
limits the president of serving no more than two terms in office.
executive privilege
right of the president to withhold info from the other branches of government.
25th Amendment
In case something happens to the President, then the Vice President takes his places. Must send in writing to the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore.
development of procedures and activities to carry out policies legislated by Congress.