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Name three definitions of geography
1)Geography is the study of the world and everything in it.
2)Geography is where something happened and why it happened when it did.
3)Geography is a spacial subject, allows us to look for patterns
Name the five map components
1)scale-measures didtance on map compared to real life.
2)compass rose-tells the direction.
3)Grid (graticle)-location
4)Legend explains the simbles used on a map
5) title- tells what map is a bout
Name the five themes
2)H.E.I Humen Environment Interaction
What is location?
Location is where something is

There are two types of location

Relative is describing a place with very descriptive words of it's surroundings

Absolute is telling someone where a place is on a map
What is H.E.I
H.E.I. stands for human environment interaction

it's when people us the worlds recources to help us and how they hurt/help the enviroment
What is place
Place- an area that has distictive features that are phisical and human
what is movement
Movement- the exchange of people, goods, and ideas
what is region
Region-is a group of places with at least on characteristic

Two regions

formal-an area which a certain characteristic is found through out the area

Function-consists of one central place and the places affected by it

formal examples-state city, corn belt all going to have one characteristic

functional examples-amazon draining bason New York City metropolitan area
name the 7 continents
1) North America
2)South America
Name the 4 oceans
1)Pacific Ocean
2)Atlantic Ocean
3)Indian Ocean
4)Artic Ocean
how many years ago did national geographic start?
115 years ago
Who started national geographic
Alexander Grand Bell
When did bell die
True or False Bell was an inventor
How many people from the army joined national geographic
how many layers of the Earth?
3 layers
name the three layers for the top to middle
*outer core
Who is Alfred Wegener. What did he do?
Alfred Wegener discovered continental drif in the 1900's
How did he figure out continental drift?
Alfred wegener thought of but didn't know how to prove it. One night he figured is out when his dughter was playing with a puzzle and she was moving the pieces around and he figured it out that the earth was one big puzzle
What was one way that he thought how the plates moved
One way he thought of the way that the plates moved was that he thought that the plates moved by the moon because the moon controls the tide and he thought that the tide would rais up and move the plates around and place them down again
Did people ever believe him?
No, no one beleived him because he had no evidence
when did people figure out that it was true?
In the 1950's two scientists went back to his theory and wanted to prove it so they figured out that there were plates. which caused the continents to move. They called it the Plate tectonics theory
Name the 1 continent 200 Million years ago and what was it like.
200 Million years ago the continent was called Pangea and it was one big circle
what was the 2 continents name 135 million years ago
What is Tectonics?
Tectinics is a greek word which means to build up
What is the plate tectonic theory?
The theory is theat the shell (crust) is fractured & the pieces are shifting
Name some of the plates.
1)Arabian Plate
2)Eurasian Plate
3)Antartic Plate
4)Indo-Aulstralian Plate
5)Philipine Plate
6)Pacific Plate
7)North American Plate
8)Caribbean Plate
9)Cocos Plate
10)Nazca Plate
11)South American Plate
When did the Earthquak in sanfransisco
October 7 5:04 PM
How long did it last for?
lasted 15 seconds 2 billion$ wasted
62 people died
What happens with the heat in the core?
The heat rises until it reaches the crust then cools and goes back to the core and starts the cycle all over again
this is what moves the continents.
Name the four types of movement.
What is subduction?
Subduction is when one oceanic plate hits the continental plate and the oceanic plate goes under and all the water goes into the mantle and the which causes steam and a volcanowould form by ash then it will erupt
What is rifting?
Rifting is when two plates split open and go in opposit directions and which causes little hills going over and over again and if there is lava under the plates the lava will go between the hills which will cause a stream of lava
and if there isn't lava the extra land still their will collapse and will cause a hole
What is converging?
Converging is when two plates converge and they from a mountain.
what is faulting
faulting is when to plates side by side going in opposite derections
what is a trench
very deep in the water
How strong was the eruption in mount saint Helens
27000 atomic bombs at once
How much ash was there from mount saint helens
enough ash to reach the sratis fear
What month and year did mount saint helens erupt
may 1980
how loud was the explosoin
it was heard 700 miles away
How strong was the eruption in mount saint Helens
27000 atomic bombs at once
how much ash was there
enough to reach the srtatishere
when did the valcono explode
may 1980
how loud was the explosion
heard from 700 miles away
how thick was the ash
as thick as snow
How many died?
how many are missing
how many were saved
when did it erupt again
1 week later
how many craters were formed
how many eruptions happened
3 or 4 times
how many tons of ash?
7 tons
name one time of a earthqauk
Oct 17 1981
where did this volcano happen
Why do volcano's happen alot in california
in california is not part of the north american plate
What was the name of this earth quak
Novas Earthquak
how long was the navos earthquak
20 sec
When was the first earthquake ditectior made
where do you mostly find earthqauk zones and volcanic areas
On or near fault lines.
where and how did they find oil
in the earth and by satelite
Why are volcanoes called volcanoes?
It's a latin word called vulcan a name for a roman god that controlled the under world and romans believed when he got angry volcanoes erupted and earthqaukes occured
What is the difference between magma and lava
Lava molten rock outside the earth
Magma molten rock found inside the earth
How do volcanoes moslty happen
How do earthquakes mostly happen
what is pyroclasts
when things fly from the volcanoe like trees rock
how far can they go?
up to 100 miles away
What makes the eruptions violent and week
1) the pressure
2) the type of rock
what is viscosity
fluids resistance to flow/run
example molasses stuff that is water ressistant honey, glue
What do volcanoes produce?
volcanoes create
1)lava flows
2) mudflows and luhars
what are lava flows
a path where the the lava goes
what are luhars
a mixture of muflows and lava flows
how many active volcanoes are there all over the world
there are atleast 550 active volcanoes all over the world
how many people died because of volcanoes in the last 500 years
200000 people
How do people mostly die of volcanoes?
the gases
What are the types of volcanoes
2)cinder cone
what is a cinder cone?
its a steep sided area built up by explosive volcanoes can build up 50 feet per day
what are composite volcanoes
wide and steep at the top its the most dangerous volcanoe they're created when lava and ash alternate
what are sheild volcanoes
a very large and flat area it has spirting and running lava eruptions less vicious lava very fluidy