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Causes of the Age of Exploration (What were they looking for and why did they change their route)

Goods from the far east(India)

Ottomans blocked them, so they have to go around Africa, then Columbus hit the Americas.

Which two countries were the first two powers to explore new lands?

Portugal and Spain

Who is Prince Henry the Navigator?

Changes how Europe thinks about the world.

Starts a school for explorers.

Who is Vasco de Gama?

Traveled across the Indian ocean to an Indian port for the Portuguese. Sails around Africa.

Define Imperialism

Political system i which the European countries colonized regions around the world because of mercantilism. A.K.A. Colonialism.

What is an encomienda system

Economic system and Natives are treated horrible and exploited.

Define Columbian Exchange (what is it, who is involved, what is involved)

Exchange of Food/Animals/Disease between Old & New World.

Define Trans-Atlantic slave trade (who, where, and why)

Slaves taken from Western Africa to East coast of the Americas.(Toward Brazil) Took millions of slaves.

What is Mercantilism? Who does is benefit and how does it work?

when colonies sold gold, silver to the mother country and the mother country sold gold and silver back to the colonies.

The country that owns the colonies.

Spanish Colonies in the Americas


Mexico, Central America and South West U.S.

Spanish Colonies in the Americas




Political: Used Imperialism & Viceroys

Social: Social Structure

Economic: Used Mercantilism & Encomienda

Name and define the social structure

Peninsulares: People born in Spain.

Creoles: People of European descent born in the colonies.

Mestizos: Mixed Native & European descent.

Mulattoes: Mixed African & European descent.

Slaves and all Native Americans and people of African descent.