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E.coli in young
E.coli in old
edema disease
Most important cause of D+ in pigs < 5 days
E.coli can also cause
mastitit, metritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis
Mesenteric lymphatics are full=
Yellow tan watery diarrhea in young pig
Sample to take from for colibacillosis
Viro/Shiga like toxin
edema dz
Pathognomonic periocular edema
edema dz
Progressive Atrophic rhinitis etiology=
Non prog AR etiology
Past Multocida
Bord Bronchi
What is past multocida
gram neg cocci
Type of Past in AR
Type D alone or with Bord Bronchi
All pigs w/ AR get damage to epi and bone but pigs 4-12 wks also get
Past Multocida colonizes in
Tearing in AR due to
occlusion on nasolacrimal duct
Gross lesions in AR
short maxilla, lateral dev of nose, atrophy of scrolls
Bord Bronchi causes
minor depression of growth
Age of pigs with NPAR
< 6-8 wks
Why do you see pigs getting NPAR at <6-8 wks
colostral immunity wanes after weaning
NPAR due to
poor ventilation
Rectal prolapse caused by
1. Urethritis/proctitis
2. excess slope in floor of housed sow
3. Salm typh
-watch out for rectal stricture
Milk spot liver=
Larval migration ascaris suum
Are ascarid eggs embryonated
PRRS etiology
Type of virus in PRRS
Can PRRS cross placenta
yes-late gestation
Young pigs manifested cs with PRRS
4-10 wk old pigs that contract PRRS usually get
interstitial pneumonia
Late term abortions and premature births
Resp disease of pigs that do not affect bronchioles
Mycoplasmal pneumonia etiology
M. hyopneumonia
Disease mitogenic for lymphocytes
Mycoplasmal pneumonia
Porcine resp disease complex inxludes what
Mycoplasma + PRRS
Porcine resp disease complex
Plumb colored lung
Mycoplasmal pneumonia
Severe bronchtis/bronchiolitis
Mycoplasmal pneumonia
Space needed for developing gilts
12 square feet
When is farrowing rate lowest
Type of coccidia in pigs
isospora suis
D+ in 7-14 day old pigs with pasty liquid feces
Where do coccidia act
Distal SI
Treatment coccidia
amprolium, furazolidone
Biggest cause of dystocia in pigs
Uterine inertia and litter size
Treatment for uterine inertia
Bacteria that affects nursery piglets
strep suis
Strep acts upon
Tonsils, causes meningitis, polyserositis, polyarthritis, pneumonia, head tilt
Zoonotic bacteria of pig
Strep, Salmonella
Consolidation and hemorrhage of lung
Porcine pleuropneumonia
Porcine pleuropneumonia etiology
Hemophiphilus suis, Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia
Type of bacteria in Porcine pleuropneumonia
gram neg cocci
What does Actinobacillus have causing Porcine pleuropneumonia to be more pathogenic
Passive immunity from sows for how long?
Sitting posture
Porcine Pleuropneumonia
Specimens to submit for Porcine Pleuropneumonia
Lungs, LN
Plasmid resistance to what ABs in Porcine Pleuropneumonia
PPG, tetra, sulfas
Lactation failure syndrome
Metritis, Mastitis, agalactica syndrome
Type of bacteria
gram (-) coliform mastitis-LPS endotoxin
Porcine proliferative enteritis
Lawsonia intracellularis
Second invader with Porcine proliferative enteritis
Age for infection with Porcine proliferative enteritis
6-20 wks
What disease in age 6-20 wks will cause weight gain
Porcine proliferative enteritis
Lice seen in pigs
hematopinus suis
MC places pig lice is found
whole body, mostly feet, inside pinna of ear, on hairs of neck.
Type of salmonella that affects pigs
1. cholerasuis 2. typhimurium
Age of infection mc in pigs with salmonella
10-16 wks
What is the primary cs seen with pigs with Salmonella cholerasuis
Red/purple skin especially on the head and ears
Bacteria in pigs that cause white specks in liver
Salmonella affects what 2 organs
Spleen, liver
This bacteria can cause interstitial pneumonia
Bacteria that is zoonotic to humans but rarely causes pathogenitcity to pig
Diarrhea without clinical signs
Salmonella typhimurium
Treatment of S. typhimurium
Neomycin in H20, acidify water with citric acid, Methosox or carbadox to feed to decrease intestinal pathogens
Pig disease with alpha and beta exotoxins
Clostridium perfringens
Age of pigs mostly affected with clostridium
1-7 days
Pigs with an oral infection-what is mc etiology
What disease has a sign of gas bubbles
Glassers disease etiology
Hemophilus parasuis
Glassers disease type of bacteria
gram negative
Hemophilus parasuis manisfests what clinical signs
polyserositis, lameness, pneumonia (wet cough)
Pathognumonic lesion seen wtih Glassers diasease
strands of fibrin in abdomen and all over organs
Looks like strep and will occur in combination with it.
Glassers diasease
Treatment of glassers diasease
penni and cephalosporin
What is the most common cause of fetal death in first parity gilts
Porcine parvo-virus
What are the common things seen with porcine parvovirus
stillbirth, mummy, embryonic death, death, infertility
What virus will you naturally expose gilts to before getting pregnant
Porcine parvo-with infected fetal tissue popscicle
What type of lesions will you see with pig scabies
Etiology of sarcoptic mange in pigs
sarcoptes scabei
Which virus of pigs is ubiquitous
Strains of rotavirus
Age of pigs with Rotavirus
1-5 wks
Disease that causes malabsorption
What disease do you think of when a finding is empty mesenteric lacteals
Disease that causes villous atrophy and fusion
Transmissable gastroenteritis etiology
Infection of tips of villi in small intestine causing malabsorption
Epizootic form of TGE seen in what ages
all ages
Enzootic form of TGE seen in what ages
old animals
Watery yellow green diarrhea is a sign of
In what diarrheal disease of pigs is treatment with electrolytes and glucose contraindicated
TGE- because in young pigs creates osmotic diarrhea
Gastric ulcers in pigs are associated with what
Helicobacter heilmanii
What areas are usually affected in pigs with gastric ulcers
non glandular fundic and pyloric regions of the stomach
Gastric ulcers in pigs associated with what
1. Finely ground feed
2. stress
3. Cu tox
4. Vit E/Se def
5. high CHO/low protein
6. feed to acidic
7. inconsistent feed availability
Will pigs die of gastric ulcers
yes-bleed out through GI tract
What is the disease with diamond skin lesions
erysipelothrix rhusiopatha
What are the clinical manifestations of erysipelas
Lameness, enlarged joints/legs, vegetative endocarditis
Drug of choice for erysipelas
What is the etiology for swine dysentery
Brachyspira Serpulina hyodysenteria aka black scours
What is the agent for swine dysentery
A spirochete that is beta hemolytic
What disease can rodents carry and transmit to pigs
Swine dysentery
Where does the organism for swine dysentery hide
crypts of intestines
What is Mulberry heart disease
Vitamine E and Se deficiency
Pigs with Vit E and Se deficiency usually die of
ventricular arrythmia
What disease will you see a heart with hemorrhage and pale white foci
Vit E/Se Def
First sign seen in pigs with Vit E/ SE def getting ready to die
Hepatosis dietica- rupturing of liver- usually in 2-4 wk old piglets
Vitamin E deficient dams are very susceptible to
Iron infection toxemia- pale carcass- due to leg edema
Causes synovitis and lameness in pig
mycoplasma hyosynovae
Infects nasopharyn and localizes in joints
M. Hysynovae
Treatment of M. Hyosynovae
tylosin or lincomycin
(not peni)
Swine whipworm
tricuris suis
Areas swine whipworm is found
cecum, colon
Are whipworms in pigs bloodfeeders?
What type of housing will reduce whipworm infection
concrete floors
Common cause of abortion in pigs
Leptospira interrogans
Most common lepto seen in pigs
serovar pomona
Abortion with L. pomona seen during
second half gestation
White foci and focal hemorrhages on kidney.
leptospira interrogans
Occurs in pigs with access to outside water such as a lake or pond
Lepto is spread via?
Lepto strain that causes abortion
Lepto strain that causes infertility
Calcium/phosphorus imbalance causes
Calcium deficeincy means
Lack of calcium (primary), or too much phosphorus(secondary)
Vitamin D deficinecy can be
Lack of vit D (primary), too much carotene (secondary)
Causes pale soft exudative pork
porcine stress syndrome
Porcine stress syndrome aka
transport deaths, malignant hyperthermia
Porcine stress syndrome manifests only in pigs that are
homo recessive w/a mutation of rhanodine receptor gene that regs Ca+ across cell mem of muscle cells
What breed is porcine stress syndrome prevalent in
PSS caused by
transport, fighting, anesthesia
What type of anesthesia will cause PSS in pigs
Black muscle necrosis on dorsal back especially if over 50kg what is the diseases
Pseudorabies etiology
herpes virus 1
What does pseudorabies cause in pigs
abortion, mortality of piglets
What can be transmitted to pigs from cats with a "mad itch"
Can pseudorabies be transmitted to pigs from animals such as cows and horses
pseudorabies affects which body organ
Salt poisoning caused by
water deprivation (rarely too much NaCl)
Hypernatremia causes water to move where
out of brain and into circulation aka salt poisoning- circulation is hypotonic in relation to brain so water moves into brain
What blood abnormality seems to follow increased Na into brain with salt poisoning
What species can get salt poisoning
pig, poultry, sheep, goat
Aflatoxin commonly infects
corn, cotton seeds, peanuts
Physiologic sequela to aflatoxin
necrosis, improper ab formation, incomplete synthesis of clotting factors, hepatic steatosis
What are the resistant species to aflatoxicosis
mature cattle, swine
What are the toxic effects of aflatoxins
hepatic, teratogenic, mutagenic,carcinogenic
Pink ear rot aka
fusarium roseum (mycotoxin)
Most common mycotoxin
fusarium roseum exerts it action via
binding estradiol 17 B receptor to cause estrogenic activity
Host of fusarium roseum
milo, corn, barley
If exposed chronically causes estrogenic effects
fusarium roseum
What is the most common noxious gas in swine buildings
What is the most dangerous noxious gas in swine buildings
hydrogen sulfide
How do noxious gases get into swine housing
agitation of manure
What would cause cherry colored blood
carbon monoxide
What is silo's fillers dz?
Nitrogen dioxide and water causes nitric acid gas
What does the term measly pork mean
taenia solium
What is the pork tapeworm
taenia solium
Taenia solium manifest in what in humans
brain and eye
What is the freezing temp for taenia solium
Not one this is not acceptable like it is in beef
Autoinfection can be possible with this tapeworm seen in pigs
cysticercus cellulose (from human poo to human mouth)
What is a synanthropic cycle
A cycle occuring with man
What is a sylvan cycle
A cycle occuring with wild animals
What is a nematode of carnivorous and ominovorous animals
Trichinella spiralis
Disease that can cause infertility in both swine and boars
Signs of a sow with Brucella
blood stained vulvar discharge and endometritis
Signs of boars with Brucella
testicular swelling
Yersiniosis is most common where
New Zealand and Australia
Is yersiniosis zoonotic?
How is avian tb transmitted
What tb is seen in pigs but not a problem
avian tb intercellulare
What virus is classical swine fever
hog cholera virus
Pigs huddling
acute hog cholera
Mode of transmission of hog cholera
Turkey egg kidney, hemos in spleen
hog cholera
Can resemble pseudorabies
Hog Cholera
Frozen ham sandwhich fed to hogs over mexican border
hog cholera- can survive frozen
Is hog cholera reportable?
Is swine vesicular disease reportable?
Swine vesicular disease is similar to
vesicular stomatitis in horse, foot and mouth disease -cow, vesicular exanthema-only in pig