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frontier "safety valve"
idea that unemployed city dwellers could move west and relieve labor conflict in the East
Farmers' Alliance
group that failed because it didn't include blacks
populists (Populist party)
party formed by farmers that appealed to workers, used women, opposed the gold standard
Mark Hanna
Republican Presidential campaign manager, raised enough money to challenge Bryan
William Jennings Bryan
Democratic candidate; hated banks, railroads, imperialism, Darwin, and trusts
pro-silver campain
campaign to use silver as specie
Republican President (2 terms) helped by Mark Hanna
The Battle of Little Big Horn
Custer's massacre
Black Hills
intruded territory mined for gold that caused The Battle of Little Big Horn
Pullman strike
strike led by labor unions struck down by the US Gov
big oil man, Gospel of Wealth
JP Morgan
big banker, vertical integration, formed US Steel Corp
interlocking directorates
14th amendment
"all people are equal under the law", interpreted to include corporations
New South
improved South with greater industry
Knights of Labor
group that organized ALL workers, antagonized in Haymarket Square event
Cornelius Vanderbilt
big railroad man
Interstate Commerce Act (1887)
stopped rebates, pools, secret rates, and price discrimination
agreement to divide business in one area and share the profits
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
stopped trusts
Andrew Carnegie
big steel man, vertical integration, Gospel of Wealth
buying 51% of companies to gain control and monopoly
James J. Hill
big public-minded railroad man
Ulysses S. Grant
Rep President, horrible leader, won b/c war successes, horribly corrupt leadership, supported by Unioners
Tweed Ring
NYC group who committed fraud left and right
Jim Fisk and Jay Gould
pair who scammed in gold dealings, et c.
Liberal Republican Party
party formed against Grant; failed
Democratic Party
party supported by Southerners
The Hayes-Tilden Standoff (1876)
election with no visible outcome
Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896)
"separate but equal" facilites
Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)
banned Chinese from coming into the US b
James A. Garfield
Rep. President who hated to say "no"; assassinated by crazy man
Chester Arthur
Rep. President who picked up Garfield's term; passed Pendleton Act
Pendleton Act
act that took some corruption out of the political system
Reps who switched over to Dem because they didn't like Blaine
Grover Cleveland
Dem. President who supported laissez-faire and low tariffs; did little for pro-silverites
Benjamin Harrison
Rep. President who did little
"Billion-Dollar Congress"
effective Congress led by Thomas "Czar" Reed (Speaker)
Credit Mobilier Scandal
railroad corporation fraud and the subsequent bribery of congressmen
picking a favorite political party and sticking to it until death
Henry George and Edward Bellamy
men who wanted less poverty and class conflicts
Hull House
place developed by Jane Addams to help immigrants
Jews and Roman Catholics
religious people who boomed in population
Booker T. Washington
black man who educated blacks
WEB Du Bois
man who founded the NAACP, wanted complete equality for blacks