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Gastrin cell?

G cells in stomach and upper small intestine in response to products of digestion, extrinsic nerve stimulation (Vagus), astral distension (PSNS ACh and GRP, ENS ACh).

Gastrin effect?

Increase secretion of HCL, pepsinogen, intrinsic factor.

Trophic effect on gastric acid secreting mucosa.

CCK cell?

I cell in upper intestine in response to products of digestion (fat, protein,...)

CCK effect?

- Contraction of gall bladder

-release of zymogen granules from acing cell soft pancreas.

-Relaxation of the sphincter of Oddi

-Trophic effect on pancreatic acinar cells.

-Increased gastric emptying.

Secretin cell?

S cell in upper intestine in response to FA and decreased pH

Secretin effect?

-Increased bile flow from liver and pancreatic ducts (H2O and HCO3-)

GIP cells?
K cells in upper small intestine in response to fat, amino acids and proteins.

GIP effect?

Release of insulin from the beat cells of pancreas

Proglucagon derived peptides,enteroglucoagon, GLP cells?

L cells in distal ileum and colon in response to glucose and fat.

Proglucagon derived peptides,enteroglucoagon, GLP effect?

Enhanced intestinal uptake of glucose, trophic effect on intestinal crypt cells.

Somatostatin cells?

D cells in stomach in response to H+

D cells in proximal stomach in response to CCK and Ach

D cells in intestine and pancreatic islets in response to glucose, fat and bile salts in intestinal lumen

Somatostatin effects?

Stomach: decreased gastrin release

Proximal stomach: decreased gastric acid, histamine, pepsinogen secretion + inhibit trophic effect of gastrin

Intestine/pancreas: decreased pancreatic enzyme secretion, insulin and glucagon release.