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What is the name of the seismic phase that travels as a P-wave through the earth's mantle, outer core, and through the mantle once again?
What year did the Loma Prieta Earthquake happen?
As the distance to an earthquake increases, __________.
the elapsed time before the S waves arrive increases
What type of seismic waves are S waves?
shear waves
How do rock particles move during the passage of an S wave through the rock?
back and forth at right angles to the direction of wave travel
Which of the following types of seismic waves are the slowest?
surface waves
Which of the following types of waves is a compressional sound wave?
P wave
Which of the following correctly lists the order in which seismic waves arrive at a seismograph station?
P waves → S waves → surface waves
Which of the following types of seismic waves arrive at a seismograph first?
P waves
At what type of plate boundary do the deepest earthquakes occur?
subduction zones
New lithosphere is created ____________.
at mid-ocean ridges
Which of the following mountain ranges formed as a result of ocean-continent convergence?
the Andes
Which of the following is a ridge plate boundary?
the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
What type of plate boundary is parallel to the direction of plate movement?
transform plate boundaries
Which of the following is associated with a ridge (MOR) plate boundary?
earthquakes, volcanism and rifting
Earthquakes that originate at depths greater than 100 km are associated with ______ plate boundaries.
If an earthquake occurred in Seattle, Washington, how long would it take for the first seismic waves to arrive at a seismograph station in Miami, Florida, approximately 5000 kilometers away?
about 8 minutes
Where is new lithosphere created?
ridge plate boundaries
When was the theory of plate tectonics developed?
Which type(s) of plate boundaries indicate(s) the direction of relative plate motions?
transform fault boundaries
Shallow earthquakes, less than 20 km deep, are associated with ___________.
convergent plate boundaries, divergent plate boundaries, and transform plate boundaries