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What is urbanization
People move to cities in search of jobs and opportunities
nomads, who wander for food and shelter
What are some ways people change their environment to meet their needs
slash and burn farming
building houses, dams, canals,wells, terrace farming
Political map
shows political boundries
example: cities countries, states with different governments
Opinion verses Fact
fact is a true happening that was documented

opinion is a guess
a governmentby the people and for the people
What is the importance of river vallys?
Fertile soil, fresh water, transportation
a group of people who wander for survival, food, water shelter
population density
How many people per square foot of a land.
the way of life people have in their area
private ownership, profit for onesself
subsistence -level agriculture
or subsistence farming
raise enough crops for yourself (family)
Scientist that digs for information about past life
the thinking of your culture is better than all others
cultural diffusion
mixing of cultures. Bringing your families traditions to another country
grographic barrior
mountains, large bodies of water, georges, deserts