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Non Communicable Disease

Coronary Heart Disease

This is when the blood vessels supplying the heart, become blocked.

This can lead to heart attacks, when the muscles become blocked, and starved of oxygen.

The heart muscles then fail.

Since 1990, more people have died from CHD then any other cause in the UK.

Global variations in death rates, from CHD. Lower in populations with a lower life expectancy.

CHD now decreasing in HIC's, due to increased prevention, identification and treatment.

Risk Factors


Strain on the heart making it work faster and harder. Could increase the risk of blood clots. You increase your risk of developing heart disease by 24%


Increased risk of high blood pressure, which weakens the heart. Which could lead to heart failure and premature death.

High Blood Pressure

HIgh blood pressure puts strain on the heart and can lead to CHD. Its measured when the heart contracts and when it relaxes.

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is essential for healthy cells, but to much could lead to heart disease. Its carried in the bloodstream. The low density lipoproteins tends to build up on the walls of the coronary arteries, increasing your risk of heart disease.


As the body mass index increases so does the risk of CHD. Plaque can narrow arteries and reduce blood flow to the heart.


Not a specific pattern

USA, Europe, China and India

Some link to Affluence.

Impacts on Health

Heart Attacks



Changes in Diet

Increased Exercise


Impacts on Economic Development

Costs the UK 2Billion Per year in healthcare

24% of all productivity losses due to CHD

Total cost for the UK is 7 billion

Sick Leave


Significant health gains in treatment over the past couple of years

Prevention Strategies such as health education, nutrition labelling etc.