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Canada was ruled by who until 1867?
The British
Describe the population and land area of the Canadian North
The Canadian North has about 1/3 of Canada's land area and only 80,000 people.
What economic ties exist between Canada and the United States?
The United States buys Canada's natural resources in exchange for manufactured goods.
From what part of Canada does most of its petroleum come?
How are Canada's regions dependent on each other?
There are economic ties from region to region.
How is Canada's history reflected in the country today?
Regionalism, French and English, Provinces more powerful than the states, Cultural differences
In Eastern Canada, economic development had depended on what two things?
Resources of the sea and forest
List all of Canada's Provinces and territories.
British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Yukon Territory
Northwest Territories
Some believe that what in Canada may be among the largest in the world?
Coal fields
The US, United Kingdom and Japan all rely on Canada for what important resource?
lumber, newsprint and pulpwood products
What are the Maritime Provinces?
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Give seven examples of Canada's most valuable natural resources
What are the official languages in Canada?
English and French
What is a hinterland?
a region beyond the center of a country or city
What is a portage?
a low land area across which boats and their cargoes can be carried
What is permafrost?
water below a tundra surface that remains permanently frozen throughout the year
What percentage of Canada has a permafrost climate?
Half of Canada
What is the name of the mineral that is important for manufacturing fertilizers?
What is the only nation larger than Canada in area?
What part of Canada contains some of the most fertile soils?
Parts of Ontario and Quebec
What parts of Canada have the Humid Continental Climate?
The central and eastern parts of southern Canada
What percentage of Canada's population live within 100 miles of the US border?
What province lies on the Pacific coast of Canada?
British Columbia
Where is the warmest part of Canada?
southwestern British Columbia
Who was the first great explorer of Canada and where was he from?
Jacques Cartier of France
Who were the first Europeans to land on Canada's eastern shores and when?
The Viking adventurers who arrived between 1000 AD and 1200 AD
Why did many African Americans from the US move to eastern Canada?
to escape slavery
Why does a large portion of Canada's population live close to the border with the United States?
because the economies and cultures of Canada and the US are closely linked.
With what US state has Canada's population been compared?
What Canadian city is the industrial, financial, cultural and educational center of the nation?
What is the name of the area in Canada that is considered one of the world's greatest fishing grounds?
The Grand Banks of the shore of Newfoundland
What is the Capital of Canada and where is it located?
Ottawa, lies in the province of Ontario.
What province within Canada has often considered becoming and independent country? Why?
Quebec because their culture is different from the rest of Canada
What is the second largest French speaking city in the world?
What is the new territory that was created for and is administered by the native Inuit who live there?
Describe the close ties between Canada and Great Britain
British settlements during American Revolution reamined loyal to Britain and their descendents have been econmically and politically powerful throughout Canada's history.
What is the second largest French speaking city in the world?