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in terms of migration, when a person is able to gain entry to a desired destination

Pull Factor

social, political, economic, and environmental forces that draw people from where they are living to a new country

Chain Migration

1. refers to the social process by which immigrants from a particular city or neighbourhood

2. a large number of "family class" migrants

Point Systems

an assessment system used to evaluate potential immigrants


people who flee to a foreign country for safety from political upheaval or war

Push Factor

social, political, economic, and environmental forces that drive a person away from a certain country.

Guest Worker

a person who works temporarily in a foreign country

Entry Visa

a document that grants a person the legal right to immigrate to a country

Formula for Natural Increase

Birth rate - Death rate = natural increase

Formula for Net Migration

Immigration - Emigration = Net migration

Formula for Population Change

Natural Increase + Net Migration = population change

Head Tax

used to limit African migration in Canada

Irish Immigration

-occurred because the potato crop failed

-made main basis of Irish people in North America

-Thousands immigrating to North America


systematic profiling based on race or religion

Barriers to Migration

physical, financial, legal, emotional, political

Push and Pull Factors

social, political, economic, environmental

Darfur conflict from 2003-2007